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Instagram has hundreds of millions of users! Odds are, if you're interested in a topic, there is a large community that's interested in it as well.This means you can start an account on any niche or topic you imagine! So it makes sense to have an account about something you're passionate about.Cars, success, video games, travel, football, girls, fashion, you name it. If you are passionate about something it will be easy to find your niche.
Once you find it, follow the largest accounts in that niche. At the beginning repost their photos and borrow their style (make sure you give them credit). Borrow their style until you find your own unique way to make cool photos and content. Then follow the rest of the tips in this guide and watch your account grow!

Shoutout for Shoutout (S4S)
When done consistently, S4S are one of the best ways to grow your page.
What is a S4S?
A S4S is very simple. You encourage your fans to follow another page and that account will do the same for you. Post a photo saying: "Follow @___ for more" and vice versa.
How to Find a S4S?
Search for accounts that are similar to yours and send them a DM.To keep it fair, make sure the accounts you DM get similar engagement to yours.

Bonus Tip

Find accounts that have 2x or 3x your engagement. Offer them 2 or even 3 S4S in exchange for 1. This is more effective because you're getting mentioned by much larger pages relative to yours.
Many accounts network with each other and form groups. This makes the process of finding sho…

Buying Shoutouts
If you have money to spend then look into buying shoutouts from bigger accounts.Buy promos from 100k+ accounts that have good engagement. Make sure they have REAL likes and REAL followers.Talk to lots of pages in your niche and compare prices. And before going all in, test at least 1 ad to see how it performs.Most accounts use PayPal. If you pay as a "good or service" you can open a dispute if you don't get your shoutouts

Contests & Giveaways
Instead of buying shoutuots you could host a contest or giveaway.
Make the prize relevant to your target audience so you attract followers who are actually interested in you and not only the giveaway.The best part is the prizes don't need to be expensive. For example, on my motivational pages I like to give away self-help books. The posts gain lots of engagement and a book will cost $10 to $20. Most importantly, make sure the rules are simple and very easy to follow. When done well, contests and giveaways are excellent ways to build a good image around your brand and drive results.

Follow / Unfollow
When you have a small audience it's harder to grow. So if you Follow / Unfollow specific people, who are likely to follow you back, you can grow a real fan base. Then when you reach 15k, that will be your foundation to grow into a big page.Following just to unfollow is not how you'll become Instagram famous. But if you do it right, I think the strategy is okay when you're starting out.

Here's how to do it:
Make sure your account is active and setup with a logo, bio, and at least 20 pictures
Go to a new photo that was posted by someone in your niche (10 minutes old or less)
Click on the people who liked the photo
Follow those people
Everyone who liked it was just on their phone and they will see your notification. If you have goo…

 There is no concrete answer but I recommend posting at least once per day at the very minimum. Personally, I like to post 4 times per day on average or about every 4 hours. Some people even post 8 times per day! Experiment with your niche and see how your audience reacts. It's really dependant how much time you have and how fast you want to grow.

 Consistency The growth hacks in this guide only apply if you are posting regularly and consistently. A following isn't built over night. It's built with months and months of consistency.The more followers you have, the more followers you will gain every day. That also means things take longer when you're starting out.To see your work pay off, stay patient, stay consistent, and think long term. This is the biggest key to success.

Like Groups
Like groups are a sure way to boost your likes and comments significantly.
Find accounts in your niche
Create a group through DM, Telegram (app), or GroupMe (app)
How it works:
Every time you post a photo, send the link to your group
Every member will then like and comment on your photo and vice versa
Make sure everyone is active and participating
All the comments and likes going back and forth boosts your ranking in Instagram's algorithm.
The result is more people are able to discover your page. This tactic gave me an extra 200 to 300 likes per photo when I was in multiple groups!

Best Times To Post
If you know your audience, you will post content when the majority of them are online. Always keep in mind most people have 9 to 5 workdays. Good times to post are before people go to work, during lunch, and after work.To hit the sweet spot more often there is a service called (free) and (paid). Both of these sites show you the best times to post your photos. Experiment and use tools so you can post when your audience is most likely to engage.

Hashtags should be in every photo and this is an area where everyone has their own opinion.
Here is my best practices and why:
Use 30 hashtags every time
Put them in the comments NOT in the caption

Use specific hashtags for your niche 
When you're a small page, hashtags are one of the few ways to be discovered. Why wouldn't you use as many as you can? When you're a big page, your photo is more likely to be trending for certain hashtags. Why wouldn't you use as many as you can? 30 hashtags is a lot but if you copy and paste it into the comments they become hidden. If you do that they work exactly the same and no one will notice.People do search for hashtags so if they are specific you are more likely to get attention from new people.

Hashtags-You only need to make your hashtags once but they will help you grow every time you post a pic. You need at least 30 hashtags that are specific to your target audience. Here are some more tips:
Put # in the comment section (keeps your caption looking clean)
Use small/medium sized # with 50,000 to 500,000 posts
Make them as specific as possible for your audience
Keep them saved so you can quickly copy and paste
Use the max number of # which is 30

30 hashtags lets you maximize your visibility which is crucial to gaining followers as a small page.Even as a big page, more hashtags boosts your odds of a photo going viral. If you get the most likes for a certain hashtag, your photo is featured at the top for everyone to see.
Do hashtags using these steps so you can grow your page efficiently!
If you want a great hashtag tool check out Flick.

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