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Did you know you can make money sharing photos and videos on Instagram?

You can start an instagram account and repost content about anything like travel, gaming, sneakers, animals, memes or whatever you want. Then once you grow a following you can make money from it.

How Does It Work?

The idea is to start an instagram page and grow 1000s of followers on that page. It can be done by setting up a cool profile and sharing other people's content every day (ethically). Once you have lots of traffic and followers you can make money. 

I'll break it down into 3 simple steps:
Make an Instagram page about a specific topic
Post viral photos and videos every day so you attract followers that love your page
Make money once you have thousands of followers! (more on this below)
The best part, you don't need lots of followers to make money. Because of the instagram explore page, you can get TONS of traffic with very little followers.

Is This Business Legit?

Yes! It's part of a giant industry called influencer marketing. There are THOUSANDS of niche pages on instagram already. This is real and you can start one on any topic you're passionate about.

As long as people are using instagram this will be an opportunity. And Instagram has over 1 BILLION monthly active users! So it will be around for years to come (hopefully longer).


Turn your instagram habit into dollars
It costs $0.00 to start
You don't have to make your own content or show your face
High margins/low overhead
It can be easily outsourced later on
It's fun posting photos/videos


It takes time and patience to build an audience
Need to be business savvy or creative to monetize your account
Growing an audience takes skill and learning
More competition every day 

How Does It Work?

Once you have enough traffic/followers on your instagram there are many ways to monetize it. The common ways are to:
Sell shoutouts/ads/sponsorships to brands
Affiliate marketing
Create your own product (digital or physical)
Sell your services
How you monetize varies greatly on your niche and your own business skills.
Still confused on how followers makes you money? You can make money from it because:

Attention = Money 

This is an important business concept. Attention is why companies pay millions of dollars for a short super bowl commercial, because the super bowl has the attention of 100m people watching! The same principle scales down to your Instagram page. Followers means people are paying attention to you.

If you GET followers you can make money. And the more followers you have the more money you will make.

How To Get Started

The idea of growing an Instagram page is simple but actually doing it is difficult if you don't know what steps to take.

Here is how I approach it starting form zero: 

1. Research a niche - You want to find a niche that's easy to monetize, easy to find viral content and know how much competition it has.

2. Set up your account -  Make a good username, profile pic, bio etc. Then follow accounts in your niche and start liking and engaging with their content. This tells the IG algorithm what kind of account yours is.

3. Start posting viral content daily - Find viral content that has worked before and post daily. Give credit to the original owners. Learn growth strategies like how to use hashtags, how to get on explore page and more so you can grow. Be consistent on this step and be patient.

4. Monetize - If you do steps 1-3 correctly your page will start growing. When you have enough traffic you can monetize your page with the ideas discussed above.

5. Outsource (optional) - Once your page is growing and making money you can start scheduling posts and hiring freelancers. Then you'll have more ti
The Bottom Line

Starting an Instagram page is a great business because there is no risk trying it. It costs $0 to start posting. You just need to invest time and effort to grow and have a willingness to learn.

There are thousands of niche accounts on instagram already. Which is proof that you can do it too.

If you want to save 5 years of learning I highly recommend you get my book. I cover every single step from finding your niche to outsourcing your page. 

As Instagram keeps growing, so does the potential to create a following and reach thousands of individuals in any niche.

Instagram has hundreds of millions of users and is among the largest social platforms in the world. Zuckerberg are going to be doing his best to stay it relevant for years to return , a bit like he did with Facebook.

The ability to reach a large audience at any given time can create lots of opportunity for you. That's why knowing the way to build an engaged follower base are often such a valuable skill.

If you would like to spice up sales, grow your business, teach people, or simply be famous, this guide will assist you grow a following in any niche. Instagram is one of the best platforms to do that!
Good Username

Ideally, you want your name to be easy to remember and easy to search up.

If you own a business try having the same name across all of your social media. If you're just starting a niche page, don't make the name super long. Also, you should avoid adding random numbers that aren't part of your name.

You don't need to spend a whole week deciding your name but put some thought into it and search for good names that are still available.


Your bio is one among the primary things people see once they visit your page. Make sure you have a couple sentences that give you personality and define what your account is about.

To get the bullet point lines, write the text in your notes app and then copy and paste.

Do your best to give your bio some personality. This is the first thing followers will see so leave a good impression.


The caption is the description you write for every photo you post.

This is where you can talk to your audience, give them more value, ask them a question, make them laugh, tell them to tag a friend, and so on.

Putting effort into your caption will boost engagement so try to think a little harder and make sure each word has a purpose.

Here are common calls to action to boost your engagement:

"Comment below"
"Double tap if you agree"
"Tag a friend below"
"Follow @___ for more"
"Click the link in bio"
Instagram lets you have just under 3 lines of text before you have to click "more" to read the rest. Make sure those first lines are strong because that's what everyone can see!
Call To Action (CTA)

Instagram allows 1 link in your bio but there are other ways to get your audience engaged.

The most obvious way is posting a photo or video to promote something. It could be to follow your other accounts, to buy your product or to join your email list.


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