Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Vaccination continues amid the growing threat of coronavirus in the country. A major decision has been taken regarding the ongoing Corona Vaccination Program in the country, under which people of the age of 45 years have also been asked to get the Corona vaccine from April 1.

 Earlier, those people above 45 years who were suffering from serious diseases were getting the corona vaccine. But now the government has appealed to the people that all the people of 45 years get the Corona vaccine. Its process will start across the country from tomorrow.

Why is 45+ vaccination necessary?

The government has said that according to the figures so far, 80 percent of deaths due to corona have occurred only in people above 45 years of age. It is clear that by applying the vaccine to people of this age, deaths from corona can be prevented to a great extent. It has also been clarified by the government that once 45+ people are vaccinated, then those below 45 years of age will also be vaccinated.

Where can we get the vaccine, how much is the price?

In addition to government-private hospitals, the Corona vaccine will be installed in private centers in the country. The vaccine is being provided free of cost in government hospitals while in private hospitals a charge of Rs 250 is being charged for a dose. A few weeks later, the second dose of the vaccine will be introduced, for which a fee of Rs 250 will also have to be paid.

Register yourself in this way

To get vaccinated, you have to do your online registration (registration for the corona vaccine). For vaccination, people will have to go to the portal and register themselves.

People over 45 years of age can book an appointment by going to and registering themselves. Every day one crore registrations can be accepted on this portal. You will get the date, time, and place of vaccination only after registration.

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Second way - even without online registration, you can get such a vaccine

You can get the Corona vaccine even without online registration. For this, the government has introduced a special system. It was told by the government that for vaccination people usually have to go to the portal and register themselves. But if someone does not get his registration done on the portal, he can go to his COVID vaccination center and get his vaccination done after 3 pm.

For registration at Kovid Vaccination Center, you have to bring your identity cards such as Aadhaar Card or Voter Card. Apart from this, passports, ration cards, or bank passbooks can also be presented as identity cards. After this, your registration will be done.

Here's how to register online - Step By Step

- First of all, open the website.

- Enter your mobile number and click on OTP. Enter the OTP received on your mobile number and click on the Verify button.

- Now, a registration page will appear, where you have to enter the photo ID type, number, and your full name. You must also enter gender and age. You can use a driving license or Aadhaar card as photo ID proof.

- Then click on the Register button. Once registered, a confirmation message will be sent to the registered mobile number. While going to get vaccinated, you will have to take a medical certificate. Account details will be displayed after registration. One person can add up to four more people connected to the previously entered mobile number. In front of the details of the registered names, you will see a column called Action. Below this, you will see a calendar icon. Click on it to schedule.

Now enter the details like State / UT, District, Block, and Pincode. After entering all these details click on the search button.

A list of vaccination centers based on your location will appear. You can choose any one of them and then look at the vaccination dates available at these centers. If slot and date options are available then you can select one at your convenience. After this click on the Book option.

- Now one-page booking details will appear. If the information is correct, you can click Confirm or click on the Back button if you want to make some changes.

- Finally, an appointment successful page will show all the details. You can also download confirmation of vaccination details.


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Clean the blackness of the neck and chest with a homemade natural cleanser.

Which woman or man likes to look beautiful but beauty does not just come from external things, you have to be healthy from the inside so that you can look beautiful. Your face may look beautiful, but the blackness on the neck and chest makes you look down. Many questions come to the mind of people about beauty, which we are answering to you through this article.

 Natural methods are considered best for enhancing beauty but it is very difficult to do them properly. It is easy to get beauty in the natural way, but while doing Google, all such options are revealed, which baffles the head of the people. If you too are tired of finding various natural remedies to make your face beautiful, then we are going to tell you a natural recipe through which you can clean your black neck.

Natural cleanser

Removing facial impurities from the natural cleanser is perfect because it has astringent properties that work deep into the skin. To make a natural cleanser, you will:


3 glasses of water

1 handful barley

5 drops of lemon oil.

                         How to prepare?

Put 3 cups of water and 1 handful of barley in a pot. Boil it on low heat and when it boils, remove it from the gas, filter and store it in a tight container. Add 5 drops of lemon oil to it and shake well before use. Use cotton or damp cloth while using around the neck.

Restorative tonic

This tonic helps to refresh your skin and maintain its strength by producing collagen and elastin. This is due to the abundance of antioxidant compounds found in it, which help cells to repair. For this you


3 leaves of salad.

3 tablespoons honey.

Juice of half a lemon.

              How to prepare?

Squeeze the lettuce leaves until its juice comes out and then prepare the mixture with honey and lemon juice. Apply this mixture around the neck and chest and leave for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wash it with clean water.

Aloe vera cream to remove wrinkles:

Aloe vera is a refreshing ingredient, which has been used in skin care for years. Its moisturizing and firming properties prevent people from aging prematurely. This wrinkle removal natural cream has the power to remove dead cells, honey and egg also help you. To make aloe vera cream you will need:


2 stalks of aloe vera.

1 tbsp honey

1 egg white.

Some fresh oregano.

             How to prepare?

Take out the aloe of the aloe vera and grind it in the grinder and grind until it becomes smooth and smooth. Apply it slowly like a thin layer around your neck and leave it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wash it with clean water.

Make lotion with aloe vera

The lotion is very useful for removing impurities and firming. This natural lotion acts as a repairman's tonic in removing impurities, which helps cleanse the skin that has been polluted due to all-day activities. Ideally you should apply it in the morning or evening so that it can do its job properly.


1 cup chamomile tea.

100ml Rosewater.

2 drops of sandalwood oil.

           How to prepare?

Put two tablespoons of chamomile in a cup of warm water, allow it to dissolve and shake well after dissolving. In an airtight container, mix the tea with rose water and sandalwood oil and shake before use. Dip the cotton in lotion and gently rub it on the neck and chest. Doing this will clear the black neck and chest in a few days.

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Neck scrub

One of the most effective products for removing dead cells that accumulate on the skin is scrub and if it is not removed, it can cause the appearance of black spots. This natural recipe tightens and moisturizes and nourishes the skin. For this, you:


1 tbsp honey

2 almonds

half a teaspoon lemon juice.

           How to prepare?

Prepare the mixture with honey, almonds and finely ground lemon. To apply, clean the affected area and then use the mixture to perform the massage. This natural cleaner is perfect for removing impurities because it has astringent properties, which work deep into the skin.

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Sunday, March 28, 2021

Weight Loss Tips: If you want to lose instant weight, then use fenugreek.

Fenugreek is used as a spice to enhance the flavor of flavors. Greens of its leaves are made. Fenugreek has many medicinal properties which are beneficial for both health and beauty. Fenugreek is a panacea, especially in obesity and diabetes. Fenugreek seeds contain soluble fiber, which helps to slow down the absorption process of carbohydrates.

 Also, both help improve the sugar efficiency of diabetes. It contains amino acids which play an important role in promoting insulin excretion by breaking blood sugar. If you are worried about increasing weight and want to lose or control weight, then you can use fenugreek in these ways. Let's know-

Fenugreek water:

Fenugreek water is most popular. Experts always recommend drinking fenugreek water in the morning for weight loss. For this, soak a spoonful of fenugreek seeds in a glass of lukewarm water daily at night. The next morning, consume fenugreek water on an empty stomach.

 At the same time, chew fenugreek and eat it. Apart from this, you can also consume fenugreek seeds by boiling them in water. The toxin present in the body is also removed by its consumption. At the same time, the digestive system is also strong. The biggest thing is that it contains very few calories. You can consume fenugreek water twice a day.

Fenugreek tea:

You can also consume fenugreek tea for weight loss. You can use cinnamon, ginger, and honey in this tea. Cinnamon and ginger play an important role in reducing inflammation. This tea is rich in vitamins and minerals. You can consume fenugreek tea 2 to 3 times a week. Increasing weight can be controlled by its intake

Fenugreek sprouts:

According to research, fenugreek strengthens the digestive system. It has the properties of antioxidants. Fenugreek is also called super medicine for this. Best sprouted fenugreek is consumed by soaking. One can consume fenugreek sprouts daily for weight loss.

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Fenugreek and honey:

Doctors advise people suffering from obesity to drink honey and lemon mixed water in the morning. Swelling reduces with the intake of honey. 

Also, the immune system is strong. For this, grind honey and fenugreek seeds well and take them with honey. This helps in controlling the increasing weight. 

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Side Effects Of Lemonade

 If you drink more lemonade in summer, then know its side effects too:

Whenever we feel thirsty in summer, we often like to drink lemonade to quench thirst and to meet the lack of water in our body. Lemonade cools the body in summer and also fulfills the lack of water. Rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, this drink helps to meet the nutritional deficiencies required by our body. Lemonade is also very effective for kidney and heart health. Its intake boosts immunity, as well as burns calories.

Lemon water maintains digestion, its intake helps in correcting the metabolism of the body. Lemonade is very beneficial for health but its excessive use can also cause side effects on the body. If you also consume lemonade, then first of all, know how much lemon water you should consume and how much intake of it can harm you.


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1.Can cause damage to teeth:

Drinking a lot of lemonade during the day can cause damage to your teeth. Lemon contains acidic acid, the excessive intake of which can damage the upper layer of teeth. According to the advice of experts, consume lemonade with straw. Drinking in this way does not have direct contact with teeth.

2.Lemonade can cause blisters:

Citric acid found in lemons can damage the lining of the mouth, causing frequent blisters. Consuming it in large amounts can also cause damage to the gums.

3.Can cause nausea:

Drinking plenty of lemonade can cause nausea. Vitamin C is found in lemons. Due to the high amount of this vitamin in the stomach, the secretion of acids also increases, due to this, you may have to face nausea.

#How much lemon water to consume:

According to experts, more than two lemons should not be consumed in a day. After getting lemonade, rinse it with clean water so that the teeth do not get too much damage

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Hypnotize Yourself For Anaesthesia Your 10 Step Guide To Create Your Own Anaesthesia Today

Hypnotize Yourself For Anaesthesia Your 10 Step Guide To Create Your Own Anaesthesia Today

There was a great TV amuse on here in the UK named 'Hypno-Surgery' as of late and it showed a man accepting a hypno-medical procedure. That is, he had a hernia activity with no sedation by some other means than utilizing spellbinding. 

Obviously, it is a sensation since it is on TV, in any case, these have been accomplished for quite a long time. There are heaps of shot investigations and masses of exploration that has been finished utilizing spellbinding alone when doing a medical procedure. 

Numerous ways have been utilized to reduce torment throughout the long term and I have encountered numerous myself and discovered spellbinding went with a scope of brain abilities and apparatuses to be by a wide margin the most ideal method of surviving and changing my reaction to it. 

Would you be able to recall when you had a paper cut and you didn't understand that you had it until some other time that day when you saw it with your own eyes? It was not until you saw it that it hurt and thought "oooh that stings somewhat." This is normally happening sedation, the limit which exists inside us all of us. 


Ultra-powerful, Unique Hypnotic Techniques For Giving Women A Massive Advantage.


Quite possibly the most essential technique for utilizing your psyche to make sedation is known as the glove sedation strategy and today I need to impart it to you for you to use as and when you like. 

The significant point here: You should possibly utilize this torment control strategy when you know the reason for any torment. If it's not too much trouble, additionally counsel a specialist if the condition continues. Something else, utilize this strategy for the sake of entertainment and to help you to remember how stunning you and your cerebrum truly are. 

Stage One: Find an agreeable spot where you won't be upset. Close your eyes. Get yourself relaxed. Focus on your breathing, let it be consistent, profound, and moderate. Envision loosening up every one of the muscles in your body individually and truly take the time needed to set up a decent loosened up actual state. 

Utilize your creative mind to envision a most loved spot, someplace you have a sense of security and loss. Envision that you can hear the hints of that place, see the sights, feel the emotions that you would feel in that place. Utilize your cognizant psyche's mindfulness and spotlight on every one of the muscles in your body and think "relax" into every one of your muscles. Envision them dissolving, relaxing, and permit your brain to be serene. 

Require a decent couple of moments to do this; entertain yourself. 

Stage Two: Develop a solid feeling of direction at the present time. Utilizing your inner discourse, remind yourself and reveal to yourself that you have the force and capacity to be in charge of any sensations in your body and brain. Since you truly do. Reveal to yourself that You acknowledge that you are in charge of your own psyche. Zero in on and envision the limitless force of your brain, disclose to yourself that you can send desensitizing sensations into any piece of your body. Build up a feeling of confidence in yourself and in the force of your own brain. Truly support and enable yourself. 

Envision that these expressions of individual force and conviction that you say to yourself are being conveyed to the most profound profundities of your brain. Envision that they've been acknowledged on each level of your body and brain. 

At this stage, additionally, reveal to yourself that "sedation" is your key trigger word for an adapted reaction later on. 

Stage three: Now we start to conjure the glove sedation. Start by concentrating upon your prevailing hand, truly center around it to the prohibition of all else. Notice the smallest of sensations inside it. Start to envision that utilizing your consideration, your predominant hand is liberated from all inclination. This requires some time and fixation. 

Perhaps you can utilize your creative mind to envision that your hand is encased in ice. Really envision those emotions. 

Separate your hand, in your psyche, from the remainder of your actual body. Consider it separated from your physical being. Keep on concentrating upon your hand and permit it to lose all inclination. 

Utilizing your interior discourse once more, reveal to yourself that your hand is getting numb. No inclination by any stretch of the imagination. Inside your psyche educate your hand to rest. Advise it to rest. Know about every one of the uncommon vibes that are in your grasp as you center upon it and maintain all your concentration and focus upon it. 

Reveal to yourself that each breath you take appears to make your hand become number, and number until you can't feel your hand by any means. You can't feel your hand at all since it is numb. No inclination. Numb. Reveal to yourself that with power and conviction. 

Stage Five: Now, you will move this absence of feeling to the piece of your body that you want to feel numb and have the sedation in. So when you are certain that you have made the right degree of deadness in your grasp you will lift your hand and spot it upon the piece of your body you need to feel numb. 

At the point when you do this, you'll move this deadness to that piece of your body. So then approve and lift your hand and contact the piece of your body you need to get cool and numb. Perhaps envision the deadness as a shading that you are spreading into that zone. Perhaps envision that piece of your body being loaded up with that tone and making that deadness. Envision every one of the impressions of deadness is being moved into that piece of your body. Delivery the deadness into that other piece of your body. 

At that point go through certain minutes doing that appropriately and completely now. As you do it, give yourself a period limit that this is going to keep going for. Normally, you don't need that piece of you to be numb until the end of time. So ensure that you set yourself a period limit when your self-initiated sedation will end. 

Stage Six: Now that you have moved the quieting, relieving, desensitizing coolness, and you're truly feeling good and better around there. Truly appreciate the sensations and wonder about your own astounding self. Envision coolness pervades the territory. Envision you experience brilliant alleviation here. Inhale profoundly and unwind totally. 

Perhaps rehash a little mantra of help to yourself now: "Quiet, cool, relieving, desensitizing sensations penetrate the territory. Better constantly. Deadness. Alleviation. Deadness." Use words that appeal to you the most. 

Stage Seven: When you have kept up the state and are certain that you feel great. Give the signal "sedation" to yourself, so that each time you utilize this word in future events, when you have the correct aim and conditions to do this once more, saying the word will carry the assets of this meeting to make next time far and away superior. Inhale profoundly, embrace the sensations in your body and psyche and rehash the word to yourself. Trust that each time you decide to utilize it later on, it has a superb impact of improving and intensifying your power over your sedation. 

Stage Eight: And it's an ideal opportunity to center the fantastic force of your creative mind by envisioning yourself improving next time. Envision that you feel increasingly more in charge of your own brain each time you do this. Experience the delight in this acknowledgment. Make everything about this future event in your brain, including your response and the responses of others. What's more, in this manner you convey your longing to the degrees of brain that will help you in showing this regular sedation better constantly each time you do it. Each time you utilize that word while rehearsing your sedation, reveal to yourself it works increasingly more significantly and intensely. 

Envision yourself truly having a positive outlook on this and how you can manage the force of your own brain. 

Put in no time flat unobtrusively doing this. 

Stage Nine: When you have completely ingested everything you can from this superb experience, open your eyes and recall all that has been imparted. 

Stage Ten: Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the better and more careful it is. 

You might need to work on doing this on your arm. Preceding doing it, squeeze your arm until it damages to measure what your torment resistance level is in that arm. At that point when you have it anesthetized, test how unique the sensations are.


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Is Coconut Oil Is Best For Hair?

Is coconut oil is best for hair?

Absolutely, there is nothing more important for hair health than coconut oil because it contains many natural ingredients which take care of the hair well. There are many benefits of coconut oil massage in the hair that we are unaware about.

1. Best Hair Protector

Coconut oil is best for hair protection. Due to being in sunny and hot environment, hair has to face many problems. Sufficient moisture in the hair is also reduced due to sunlight, the hair becomes dry, although it can be avoided with coconut oil. 

A research  has revealed that with coconut oil massage, they percolate to the bottom of the hair and create a layer of protection, which retains moisture in the hair. It has the properties of many anti-oxidants including SPF, which protects the hair from sun damage and also protects the hair from many chemicals.

2. Protection of hair health from inside

There are many types of hair care products in the market for hair care, whose long-term use causes damage to hair. Since coconut oil has the ability to percolate down to the bottom of the hair, it regenerates the hair fossils and makes the hair health healthy inside. 

The fatty acids and vitamins present in it retain moisture in the hair, which is effective in relieving dryness.

3. Take care of the scalp

Excessive heat and humidity cause great damage to the roots of our hair. Since coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, it is effective in taking better care of the scalp and relieving it from many problems such as dandruff, dryness, any infection, etc.

 It also removes sebum that settles on the scalp, which is the main factor in making hair and roots oily.

4. Get rid of lifeless hair

It will help to recover dull lifeless hairs and give and shiny look.

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The most effective method to Apply Coconut Oil as a Hair Oil :

Try not to possess energy for a full profound molding treatment, or need to fuse coconut oil into your ordinary haircare schedule? We have you covered. 

Ipster tip: while you can utilize coconut oil as an in a hurry split end treatment for extra-dry hair, this can cause item development or overabundance oil on the off chance that you use it too regularly. To maintain a strategic distance from this, take a stab at utilizing coconut oil as a hair oil on wet hair first, after you've showered. 

Stage 1. Warm the coconut oil. Since you'll be utilizing less coconut oil than you would be in the event that you were utilizing it as an all-over hair treatment, take a stab at taking simply a limited quantity of coconut oil between your palms and scouring until it's delicate and moldable. Obviously, you can likewise warm it up preposterous for a more fluid consistency. 

Stage 2. Apply the coconut oil to the closures of your hair. Subsequent to showering, run the coconut oil through the closures of your hair, or take it up somewhat higher (to the midriff of your hair) to use as a saturating detangler. Evade your foundations or scalp zone to dodge abundance oil or oil. 

Stage 3. Sift through and style of course. After you've applied your coconut oil to the closures of your hair, go over and dry as you ordinarily would. In case you're utilizing a blow dryer, we suggest applying your warmth protectant like typical on top of the coconut oil, to ensure none of the dampness is lost.


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Healthy Breakfast Options

 5 Easy breakfast options that will keep you fit and healthy:

Breakfast is the most important mile of the day, but the working women miss it due to haste and have to suffer the bad consequences for a long time. Obesity does not increase for a long period of time and obesity increases due to a decrease in energy level. In such a situation, today we are telling you 5 such easy breakfast options for 5 working days, which takes very little time to cook and eat.

Corn flakes for Monday:

Always keep corn flakes at home. To balance whatever heavy you have eaten in the weekend, start the day with corn flakes and milk on Monday. Add dates, nuts, fruits to it. It is healthy as well as tasty.

Oats slang for Tuesday

Oats khichdi is very easy to make. Bake the oats in advance and keep them in the box. Heat some oil and add the tempering and desired vegetables and stir for a minute. Then add oats, add salt, and spices as per taste. Add water to it and let it cook for 2 minutes. A healthy and tasty breakfast is ready.

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Chia pudding for Wednesday

Chia seeds are rich in calcium and nutrition. Soak 2 spoons of chia seeds in milk, curd or coconut milk at night. Add fruits and nuts of your choice and eat them in the morning. They will give you nutrition as well as energy.

Omelet or cheela on Thursday

Women generally do not pay attention to their protein intake. While protein is very important for our skin, hair, muscles. In such a situation, it is important that you get your breakfast protein-rich one day. If you eat eggs, then there is no omelet, then dal or gram flour cheese is made quickly and also keeps you full of energy.

Smoothie on Friday

Blend the bananas, strawberries, soaked chia seeds in a glass of milk and blend them. Put honey on top and survey it in a beautiful glass. A healthy and tasty smoothie is ready. So now there is no excuse to miss breakfast. All these breakfast options are made very quickly and easily.

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Monday, March 22, 2021

Coronavirus Second Wave

 Coronavirus Second Wave

 If you need to maintain a strategic distance from covid-19, at that point the respiratory cleanliness must be dealt with like this:

: At the year's end of 2019, the devastation of the Covid spread quickly from the city of Wuhan in China, which is as yet murdering a great many individuals. In a year, this dangerous infection changed ordinarily and assaulted individuals. 

During this time the solitary beneficial thing is that we currently have the immunization to battle the Covid. Inoculation drives are going on quick in India just as on the planet, however, Corona has begun to unleash ruin in the country indeed. 

In such a circumstance, wearing veils, keeping up actual distance, and dealing with the neatness of hands has gotten critical. The most ideal approach to dodge this disease is to rehearse respiratory cleanliness. 

Every one of them realizes that COVID-19 spreads starting with one individual then onto the next by the transmission of irresistible beads, so it is important to keep it from spreading. Today, we are revealing to you a few different ways with which you can forestall the spread of this disease with respiratory cleanliness. In the event that you are wiped out.

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Cover your mouth with a veil :

Keep your mouth shut at whatever point you wheeze or hack. When wheezing or hacking, it is best that you overlap your hands and face towards the cone. On the off chance that you are at home and are not wearing a veil, don't utilize a tissue.

As it expands the odds of spreading microorganisms and infections. covid-19 spreads starting with one individual then onto the next by the transmission of irresistible drops, so at whatever point there is a wheeze or hack, cover the mouth with expendable tissue or the elbow of the hand. 

Continuously utilize expendable tissue:

Convey tissue at whatever point you escape the house. If there should be an occurrence of wheezing or hack, apply the tissue on the button or mouth and after that toss it in the dustbin. It is smarter to utilize expendable tissue than a cloth,

As the tissue can be utilized and tossed, subsequently diminishing the odds of spreading infections or microbes. Make certain to wash your hands with a cleanser or sanitizer subsequent to discarding the pre-owned tissue. 

It is essential to stay away from individuals: 

At whatever point, somebody sniffles or hacks, a couple of dumps emerge from his mouth or nose, which may likewise contain the infection. Assuming you are remaining close to such an individual, you also can fall prey to that infection and can become sick in a couple of days.

 The most ideal approach to dodge the present circumstance is to keep a distance of in any event two meters from everybody in a packed spot. On the off chance that you are experiencing hack or cold, wear a cover to keep it from spreading. 

Try not to contact the mouth and nose:

We contact numerous sorts of data for the duration of the day with our hands. After which filthy hands arrive at our mouth, face, eyes, and nose regardless of whether they would prefer not to. The infection effectively enters your body through the mouth, eyes, and nose.

 Subsequently, to shield yourself from covid-19, you must be careful and try not to contact your mouth, nose or eyes. Clean home surfaces and wash hands a few times. Try not to visit swarmed regions and attempt to invest however much energy as could reasonably be expected at home.

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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Is it safe to play holi this time?

Is it safe to play Holi this time?

Holi is celebrated every year on full moon day. It is celebrated in the month of Fagun ie March. There is also a legend behind celebrating Holi. “In ancient times there was an asura named Hiranyakashyap and he had a sister named Holika.

 Hiranyakaship believed himself to be God. He said the same thing to his son Prahlada. But his son was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu and if he did not listen to this, Hiranyakashyap sentenced Prahlad to death. His sister had the boon of not burning with fire. He asked his sister to burn him and consume him from today. Holika's son Prahlada sat on his lap in a pyre made of wood. 

But by the grace of Lord Vishnu, son Prahlada survived and was burnt to death in Holika. " Thus good won over evil and from this day onwards Holi began to be celebrated every year. Holi festival is truly considered a symbol of Indian culture and the festival of Holi also shows unity in diversity.


1.Do not use Organic Colors on Holi. Ecofriendly stayed while playing Holi. So that there is no loss of any kind to nature.

2.Stay hydrated by drinking water before and after the celebration. Water prevents harmful chemicals from being absorbed into the skin and also helps to get rid of excess toxins.

3.Avoid using your fingers to eat to keep the colors of Holi from going into your system through food. The changing weather conditions during this time of the year can make you more susceptible to cold and coughs.

4.Avoid drinks and food that are too cold. Use lukewarm water instead. If you have asthma or are allergic to dust and pollen, avoid playing outside with dry colors

5.Use Natural Colors for child For children, try making colors at home using turmeric, marigold or herbal dyes, or buy herbal formulas. Use more shades of light red or pink, which look good and can be removed easily.

6.Avoid bright purple, green, yellow, and orange colors as they are more likely to contain harmful substances. Avoid using harsh soap to get rid of the color. Use shampoo followed by a mild soap for your skin and conditioner for your hair.

7.Avoid using kerosene, petrol, and spirit to remove the soil, as they will further dry the skin. The official drink of Holi, cannabis, when consumed in large quantities, can cause an increase in blood pressure and an increase in heart rate. Drink in moderation and avoid mixing it with alcohol. Immediately wash off the color of any organ that is experiencing burning or itching.

8.Use a soothing calamine lotion or aloe gel and avoid sunlight as it increases irritation. Respect our natural resources and avoid wasting too much water.

9.Avoid throwing water balloons from far away as they can injure someone. Respect all forms of life.

10.Avoid putting color on street animals and pets. This is extremely harmful to them and amounts to cruelty.

Holi tips for skin-

Apply a normal amount of moisturizing lotion or oil to your face, hands, feet and any exposed part of the skin. Use waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage. Rejuvenate and rejuvenate your skin after the festivities with lots of moisturizers or homemade face packs of Besan (Besan) and yogurt or cream (cream). An oil massage (coconut, olive or mustard oil), plenty of water and a good amount of rest should be in a hurry compared to the latter.

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Holi tips for eyes-

Protect your eyes with sunglasses and remove contact lenses before venturing out. If the color enters the eyes, immediately clean them by splashing water with cold water and take some time to rest by burning roses in the eyes.

Holi tips for clothes-

Your skin is your largest organ and it is important to protect it with synthetic dyes, which often contain lead oxide in black, mercury sulfide in red, aluminum bromide in silver, and copper sulphate in green. These can easily penetrate the skin causing various health problems. Therefore, wear clothes that can cover your body as much as possible.

Holi tips for ears-

During Holi play, colors of Holi should not be allowed to enter the ears and you can also use Ear Plugs or Cotton to prevent this. Tips for hair | Holi Tips for Hairs Due to the colors of Holi, hair can become brittle, curly and extremely dry. Massage with scalp and hair oil to protecting your hair from harmful chemicals, dirt, and dust. Wear a hat or cap before leaving to play Holi.

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