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We store most of the food and drink in the fridge, which is also safe. Be it milk, yogurt, fruits or green vegetables, they remain fresh for several days, but this does not mean that you can keep anything in the fridge such as eggs. Yes, do not make the mistake of keeping the egg in the fridge because it can cause many kinds of damage. Let's know about this ...

Eggs can break:-

Different types of advice like eating eggs, such as how much food to eat, which part to eat is right, what to eat with what is right, what is beneficial and what is the harm? But do you know whether to keep the eggs fresh or in the fridge to keep them fresh?

If you do not want the eggs to break while boiling, do not store them in the fridge. Put the outside on the normal temperature, this makes the eggs boil easily without breaking.

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Infection risk:-

Always store the eggs after cleaning them. Often there is dirt on the upper part of the egg and when it is kept in the fridge, these other things can also become infected.

Cold eggs may not be best for baking:-

Lastly, some chefs claim that room-temperature eggs are best for baking. As such, some suggest letting refrigerated eggs come to room temperature before use.

If this is important to you, it's considered safe to leave eggs at room temperature for up to two hours. Still, you should be sure to cook them to a safe temperature

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Less healthy:-

Of course, eggs can be eaten for more days by keeping them in the fridge than outside, but in the very high temperature of the fridge, many egg nutrients are destroyed. So instead of buying a full tray of eggs at one time, buy fewer eggs and store them at room temperature.

Eggs can absorb flavors in the fridge:-

Eggs can absorb odors and flavors from other foods in your fridge, such as freshly cut onions.

However, storing eggs in their carton and sealing foods with strong odors in airtight containers can prevent this phenomenon.

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Egg nutrition:-

Eggs are rich in protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acids, which are very important nutrition for our body. Those who lose weight and increase it must take it. The protein present in it makes our muscles strong. Calcium is very beneficial for our bones and teeth. And with the help of omega-3 fatty acids, cholesterol is produced in our body. Therefore, if it is possible to eat in a diet, then consume eggs daily. Keeping the test in mind as well as health, make and eat it in different ways. Like sometimes boiling and sometimes making omelette.

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