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New Crisis: Yellow Fungus Knocks After Black and White

New Crisis: Yellow Fungus Knocks After Black and White

New Crisis: Yellow Fungus Knocks After Black and White
 New Crisis: Yellow Fungus Knocks After Black and White

The Corona infection, black fungus, and white fungus were not yet relieved that the new threat called Yellow Fungus had knocked. The first patient of Yellow Fungus has been confirmed in Ghaziabad.

Yellow fungus has now been confirmed in a patient from Ghaziabad after black and white fungus. The treating doctor, BP Tyagi, said that the 45-year-old patient was previously corona infected and is also suffering from diabetes.

Cleansing was going on in the OT to treat black fungus, during the investigation, it was found that the patients were also infected with yellow fungus. Currently, the patient's condition is improving. It was reported that the disease is called Mucor Skeptics.

Let me tell you that this case of Yellow Fungus has increased the concern of the doctors. According to doctors, it can be more dangerous than black and white fungus. It can be dangerous to such an extent that it can also prove fatal for the patient.

The doctor said that till now it was found in creatures like Yellow Fungus Lizard and Chameleon. Not only this, the rope that causes this fungus does not survive, so it is considered very dangerous and fatal. This fungus has been found in a human being for the first time.

According to the doctor, the yellow fungus is caused by dirt. This fungus is commonly found on the ground. An organism such as lizard and chameleon has low immunity, it affects it and weakens and becomes life-threatening. Doctors speculate that due to corona, now the immunity of humans is weakening, so this fungus is engulfing them.

Symptoms of yellow fungus

- Nasal congestion.

Numbness of body parts.

- lethargy and pain in the body.

- Too much weakness in the body.

- Increased heart rate.

- Bleeding pus from wounds in the body.

- The body looks malnourished.


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Monday, May 10, 2021

Covid-19 Testing: Now bees will sniff out corona infection in seconds!

Covid-19 Testing: Now bees will sniff out corona infection in seconds!

Covid-19 Testing: Now bees will sniff out corona infection in seconds!
 Covid-19 Testing: Now bees will sniff out corona infection in seconds!

Covid-19 Testing: Ever since the coronavirus began to wreak havoc, scientists have been working day and night on ways to quickly detect this deadly disease. One such unique method has been brought to the scientists of the Netherlands. He claims that with the help of bees, Kovid-19 infection can be detected in a few seconds.

Scientists claimed in a special test that the bees would detect the association Kovid-19. Whenever they are exposed to infected samples or bees, they will let their tongue out, which means that the sample is positive. According to the researchers, help can be drawn from the ability of animals to detect Kovid-19 infection.

:: “It’s Truly a Gift that Keeps on Giving”::

This is how to train bees were done

Scientists in the Netherlands train bees to detect Kovid-19 by odor. More than 150 bees were included in the research. For this, scientists used a solution of sugar and water. Bees were trained to give this solution to bees. Corona-infected mink odor was used for this.

When a person is infected with Kovid-19, the smell of its body fluids changes slightly compared to those not infected. When a healthy man's sample was placed in front of the flies, they were not rewarded in return. In this way, the bees started recognizing the samples of the covid within seconds.


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Immediately change your Toothbrush if you have recovered from Corona infection

Have dogs also been identified as Corona?

Experts have trained dogs to distinguish between negative and positive samples of viruses. Small-scale research conducted in Germany has shown that dogs can identify corona-positive samples. This is because the metabolic variation of the coronavirus slightly changes the odor of the infected person's fluids compared to non-infected individuals.

Although such tests may not completely replace the commonly performed Kovid-19 tests, such methods can be used in places where there are no high-tech labs.


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New Infections in covid patients "BLACK FUNGUS"

 New Infections in covid patients "BLACK FUNGUS" (mucormycosis)

New Infections in covid patients "BLACK FUNGUS"
New Infections in covid patients "BLACK FUNGUS"

Mucormycosis, a genuine parasitic disease yet in any case uncommon, has been seen in various Covid-19 patients as of late. While there is no significant episode, the public Covid team has given a warning. 

An uncommon yet genuine parasitic disease referred to as mucormycosis and informally as "dark growth", is being recognized generally habitually among Covid-19 patients in certain states. The illness frequently shows in the skin and furthermore influences the lungs and the cerebrum. With various mucormycosis cases identified in Delhi, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, specialists in the public Covid-19 team on Sunday gave a proof put-together warning with respect to the illness. 

What is the infection? 

Albeit uncommon, it is a genuine disease. It is brought about by a gathering of molds known as mucormycetes present normally in the climate. It basically influences individuals who are taking drugs for medical issues that lessen their capacity to battle ecological microbes, say specialists from the Covid-19 team. 

Sinuses or lungs of such people get influenced after they breathe in parasitic spores from the air. Specialists in certain states have noticed an ascent in instances of mucormycosis among individuals hospitalized or recuperating from Covid 19, with some requiring the earnest medical procedure. Ordinarily, micromycetes don't represent a significant danger to those with a sound invulnerable framework. 

What happens when one agreement it? 

Cautioning signs to incorporate agony and redness around the eyes or nose, with fever, migraine, hacking, windedness, wicked spews, and modified mental status. As indicated by the warning, disease with micromycetes ought to be suspected when there is: 

* Sinusitis — nasal bar or clog, nasal release (blackish/grisly); 

* Local torment on the cheekbone, uneven facial agony, deadness or growing; 

* Blackish staining overextension of nose/sense of taste; 

* Loosening of teeth, jaw inclusion; 

* Blurred or twofold vision with torment; 

* Thrombosis, corruption, skin injury; 

* Chest torment, pleural radiation, deteriorating of respiratory manifestations. 

Specialists prompt that one ought not totally all instances of the hindered nose as instances of bacterial sinusitis, especially with regards to immunosuppression as well as Covid-19 patients on immunomodulators. Try not to spare a moment to look for forceful examinations for identifying the contagious disease, they exhort. 

::: It's Never too late:::

What's the treatment? 

While it is treated with antifungals, mucormycosis may ultimately require a medical procedure. Specialists have said that it is of most extreme significance to control diabetes, decrease steroid use, and suspend immunomodulating drugs. To keep up sufficient foundational hydration, the treatment incorporates imbuement of ordinary saline (IV) before implantation of amphotericin B and antifungal treatment, for at any rate 4 a month and a half. 

Specialists in the team have focused on the need to control hyperglycemia, and screen blood glucose levels after releasing following Covid-19 treatment, and furthermore in diabetics. One should utilize steroids wisely — right planning, right portion, and length are significant. 

The executives of Covid patients with mucormycosis is a collaboration including microbiologists, inside medication subject matter experts, intensivist nervous system specialists, ENT trained professionals, ophthalmologists, dental specialists, specialists (maxillofacial/plastic), and others. 

Facing everyday life after the medical procedure for mucormycosis 

Mucormycosis can prompt loss of the upper jaw and at times even the eye. "Patients would have to grapple with the loss of capacity because of a missing jaw — trouble with biting, gulping, facial feel, and loss of confidence, specialists say. Be it the eye or upper jaw, these can be supplanted with suitable fake substitutes or prostheses. While prosthetic substitution of the missing facial constructions can begin once the patient settles after a medical procedure, specialists it is essential to console him about the accessibility of such mediations as opposed to leaving him to freeze with the unexpected unanticipated misfortune, expanding a post-Covid stress problem which is as of now a reality," said Dr. B Srinivasan, a maxillofacial prosthodontist. "Prosthetic remaking can be affected after a medical procedure, yet between time arrangements ought to be arranged even before a medical procedure of the jaws for better long haul results. Prosthetic reproduction can guarantee that the fix isn't more repulsive than the actual infection," he said 


Covid Recovery Food Tips

Be aware stay healthy

Stay Home Stay Empowered

Homeopathy Medicine for Coronavirus

Immediately change your Toothbrush if you have recovered from Corona infection

How might one forestall it? 

One ought to recollect that it is an uncommon infection. Be that as it may, a few gatherings of individuals are more defenseless than others. What inclines patients is uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, immunosuppression by steroids, drawn-out ICU stay, and comorbidities — post-transfer/harm, voriconazole treatment. 

Specialists exhort that you use covers in the event that you are visiting dusty building destinations. Wear shoes, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and gloves while taking care of soil (cultivating), greenery or compost. Keep up close to home cleanliness including an exhaustive scour shower. 

How as often as possible are cases being recognized? 

While cases are on the ascent, there has been no significant episode. Niti Aayog part (wellbeing) Dr V K Paul said at a media preparation that there has been no significant episode and they were observing cases being accounted for. 

In Maharashtra, Dr. Tatyarao Lahane, top of the Directorate of Medical Education and Research, has said that instances of mucormycosis are on the ascent. Mucormycosis creating in a post-Covid-19 setting crushes the spirit of a patient's family that is scarcely recuperating from this viral contamination, irresistible illnesses. 

Dr. Soman is one of the master individuals who drafted the warning as a feature of the public Covid-19 team. The likewise team incorporates Dr. Arunaloke Chakraborti, Head of the Department of Medical Microbiology, PGIMER, Chandigarh; Dr. Atul Patel, irresistible illnesses subject matter expert, Ahmedabad; and a few others. 

Patients generally defenseless against mucormycosis are the individuals who have been treated with steroids and different medications for Covid 19 to diminish aggravation. Endeavors are in progress to gather information for enormous investigations being finished by the Fungal Infections Study Forum and Clinical irresistible Diseases Society, Dr. Soman said. 

:: “It’s Truly a Gift that Keeps on Giving”::

What is mucormycosis? 

Mucormycosis, ordinarily called a dark parasite, is an uncommon however genuine contagious contamination brought about by a sort of growth called micromycetes, which is plentiful in the climate. It chiefly influences individuals who have medical conditions or take meds that bring down the body's capacity to battle germs and disorder. 


These incorporate torment and redness around eyes and additionally nose, fever, migraine, hacking, windedness, ridiculous heaves, and adjusted mental status. Cautioning signs can incorporate toothache, slackening of teeth, obscured or twofold vision with torment. 

Who is powerless 

Weak gatherings incorporate individuals who have medical issues or take drugs that bring down the body's capacity to battle germs and disorder. These incorporate those with diabetes, malignancy, or the individuals who have had an organ relocate. 


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Use covers in the event that you are visiting dusty building destinations. Wear shoes, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and gloves while cultivating. Keep up close to home cleanliness including a carefully scour shower. 


It relies upon the area of the speculated disease. An example of liquid from your respiratory framework might be gathered for testing in the lab; in any case, a tissue biopsy or a CT output of your lungs, sinuses, and so forth might be led. 


Mucormycosis should be treated with remedy antifungal medication. Now and again, it can require a medical procedure; it can prompt possible loss of the upper jaw and here and there even an eye.



Saturday, May 8, 2021

Immediately Change Your Toothbrush If You Have Recovered From Corona

 Immediately change your Toothbrush if you have recovered from Corona infection

Change Your Toothbrush If You Have Recovered From Corona
Change Your Toothbrush If You Have Recovered From Corona 

otherwise, it may be infected again! Know what is the opinion of experts

Change Toothbrush After Covid Recovery, How To Disinfect Toothbrush From Covid, Health News Today, Corona Se Bachne Ke Upay: It is advisable to replace a toothbrush in the growing cases of the corona. Yes! Experts believe that infected people who are healthy with corona need to change their toothbrushes. Failure to try to do so increases the danger of re-infection. So let's know what this report says ...

Actually, coronavirus in India is infecting people at an alarming rate. Many such people have been re-infected who have been in the past or have taken the Corona vaccine. In such a situation where there is talk of the third wave in the country, people need to take special care.

A toothbrush can be infected again

Dentists say that all such people who were recently infected with Corona should change their toothbrushes immediately. Not doing so can infect them again. According to doctors, your toothbrush can not only infect you again but your family members can also be harmed by it. Actually, most people use common washrooms.

Changing the tongue cleaner is also necessary

According to a report published in India Today, Dr. Praveen Mehra, HOD dentistry of Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, says that not only toothbrushes but tongue cleaners, etc. should also be changed.

Change toothbrush and tongue cleaner after what percentage days after symptoms appear

According to Dr. Bhumika Madan, we should change our toothbrush and tongue cleaner after 20 days of getting symptoms. He also told that the best way to eliminate viruses or bacteria hidden in the mouth is to rinse with some amount of salt with warm water. Many types of mouthwash and Betadine Gargle are also available in the market for this.

The virus infects the surrounding surface by coming out of the infected person.

Actually, according to the World Health Organization, small drops of the virus come out of the infected person's mouth through coughs, sneezes, etc., and contaminate the surrounding surfaces.

Covid Recovery Food Tips

Covid Recovery Food Tips

Covid Recovery Food Tips
 Covid Recovery Food Tips

 If you want to recover from corona fast, then include these foods and drinks, immunity will be strong, get rid of weakness

Corona Fast Recovery Tips, Home Isolation Tips for Covid Patient, Immunity Booster Foods & Drinks, Vitamin C, Protein: The way Corona cases are increasing in the country. In the same way, people are recovering very fast. In many reports, it has been claimed that in-home isolation, patients are recovering faster than in the hospital. However, symptoms like weakness and lethargy are more common in recovering patients. In such a situation, experts believe that to recover fast, patients will have to include some immunity-boosting foods and drinks in their diet, as well as take the right amount of protein and vitamins. So let's know in detail ...

Start the day with soaked almonds and raisins

According to health experts, keeping the almonds and raisins wet at night and consuming them in the morning provides energy to the body.

Eat oatmeal for breakfast

According to experts, the amount of calcium is found in oatmeal, which is helpful in keeping our weak digestive system healthy. People generally do not feel like eating properly after a corona. The amount of iron present in oatmeal is also helpful in increasing our metabolism.

Take jaggery and ghee after lunch

Jaggery is rich in iron magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B and C. At the same time, ghee contains abundant amounts of fatty acids and vitamins A and B. The calcium and vitamins present in both foods make the bones of patients strong and replenish energy in the body.

Eat khichdi at night

It has been considered a superfood. Which is full of protein. Especially vegetarian. For people, it is food full of nutrients. Actually, khichdi has a sufficient amount of fiber and antioxidants.

Take the amount of protein

In addition, the corona patient should increase the amount of protein. Which is found in curd, cheese, boiled eggs, etc.

Reduce carbs

Actually, taking more carbs increases the pressure on the respiratory system. In this case, including vegetables, milk, pulses, etc. in your diet instead.

Consume omega 3 fatty acids

It works to increase immunity as well as reduces inflammation which is also found in coconut oil, rice bran oil, olive oil or butter, and fish.

Vitamin C Fruits

Eat oranges, Kiwi, Pineapple, Lemon, Amla, Watermelon, Mango, and other fruits that are found in plenty of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is usually found only in citrus fruits, so there can be no better product to strengthen your immunity in the corona period.

Minerals / Vitamins

Corona patients are asked to consume vitamins and minerals in their diet from Day First. In such a situation, having a diet containing these nutrients helps in recovering from infection quickly.

Probiotic foods

Actually, probiotic foods make good bacteria in the body. Which is helpful in fighting bad bacteria or germs present in the body. It is found in other types of food like curd, paneer, idli.

Do not let the lack of liquid and salt in the body

For this, you should take some such foods and diet, the amount of liquid and salt is found. Such as coconut water, lemonade, etc.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Risk Of Skin From Artificial Jewelry, What Is The Solution...

 Risk of skin from artificial jewelry, what is the solution...

Risk Of Skin From Artificial Jewelry, What Is The Solution...
 Risk Of Skin From Artificial Jewelry, What Is The Solution...

If you do not use artificial jewelry anywhere, be careful if you do. Let us tell you that your skin may be prone to allergic reactions from artificial jewelry.

Nowadays imitation jewelry is practiced, but the nickel-metal present in it causes a lot of damage to the skin. According to a report by the American Society, 1 in 10 women has skin allergies from this jewelry. Gold of more than 14 carats does not cause any allergy because it contains a quantity of copper, but there is a possibility of allergy to white gold. Many times wearing artificial jewelry causes a red rash, itching, rash, sores, or blisters on the skin.


To protect this, you should not wear artificial jewelry, other than that you can wear pure metal jewelry. With medical advice, use a barrier cream or steroid cream on the skin before wearing jewelry. This cream contains a dimethicone chemical that forms a layer between the skin and jewelry. Other treatment desensitization involves injecting a minimal amount of nickel into the body, which does not affect the effectiveness of the metal of jewelry.






Saturday, May 1, 2021

This Yogasana Increases The Oxygen Level, Know-How

             This yogasana increases the oxygen level, know-how

Coronavirus infection weakens the lungs, an important part of your body. While on one side in the coronary period, immunity has to be increased, on the other hand, your lungs, that is, lungs also have to be strengthened. And for this, it is most important to increase the level of oxygen inside the body. If there is less oxygen in your body, then it affects your immunity. In this condition, you can catch any virus on your body and make you infected.

This is a matter of concern but every problem is solved. If you keep your immunity and lungs strong, then you will not be able to touch any virus. You can increase the oxygen level at home by eating immunity-filled food and yoga.

Keep one more thing in mind, yoga should always be done in a ventilated room. Where there is a flow of sun and air. Corona patients should do yoga only after consulting the doctor.

Reverse the inverse

First of all, sit by hitting the quartet. After this, hold your right nostril with the right thumb and breathe in with the left nostril. Now close the nasal finger with the ring finger. After this, open the right nostril and exhale. Now breathe in from the right nostril and repeat the same process and exhale through the left nostril. For the second time, take the breath from the same nasal with which you are exhaling again and leave it from the other nasal.

Inhale the air

Air eating means eating air. Intentionally ingesting air from the throat into the food pipe. This air will return as an immediate burp. While swallowing air, the thrust is on the throat and through the food pipe, the air goes back to the stomach and returns again. It should be done according to the capacity for 5 to 10 minutes.


Makarasan is counted in rugs lying on the abdomen. In the last stage of this posture, the shape of our body looks like a crocodile, which is why it is called Makarasan. By this, the obstruction of the movement of breath ends and one feels peace.

There is so much difference between the two legs that it touches the ground. Keep the chest lifted from the ground. After making the scissors-like shape of both hands, keep the head in the middle. Respiratory breathing should be a natural state. It should be done according to the capacity for 5 to 10 minutes. This asana is done in many ways. You can also take a deep breath by lying down, keeping your elbow on the ground, and supporting the chin with your palm.

With this yoga, you can make your lungs strong. But with these, you have to follow the social distance and the guidelines given by the Government of India. So that the infection cannot reach you.

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Gymnema Sylvestre For Diabetes Patients, blood sugar control will remain undercontrol.

 Gymnema Sylvestre For Diabetes Patients, blood sugar control will remain under control.

Gymnema Sylvestre For Diabetes Patients
 Gymnema Sylvestre For Diabetes Patients

Diabetes is an incurable disease that remains with you for life once it occurs. It is a difficult task to manage sugar in this disease. For this, diabetic patients are not allowed to eat sweet food. According to experts, diabetes is becoming a common disease due to poor routine and improper eating. 

However, this disease takes a dangerous form due to negligence. If you are also a diabetic patient and want to control blood sugar, then you can take Gymnema Sylvestre leaves. It has been revealed in many types of research that Gudmar is a panacea for diabetes. Its intake reduces instant blood sugar. Come, let's know everything about it-






What is Gymnema Sylvester?

Gymnema Sylvestre is called a panacea in Ayurveda. It is found in many states including Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in India. Apart from this, Gymnema Sylvestre is also easily found in Australia, Africa, and China. Gymnema Sylvestre is named after its "sweetness finish". It has many medicinal properties, which help reduce instant sugar control. 

Gudmar leaf, stem, and root are like medicine in Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha practice. Gymnema contains substances that decrease the absorption of sugar from the intestine. Gymnema may also increase the amount of insulin in the body and increase the growth of cells in the pancreas, which is the place in the body where insulin is made.

What does the research say?

Research published has explained the advantages of Gudmar. According to this research, anti-diabetic properties are found in the leaves of Gudmar. It proves beneficial in not only diabetes but many other diseases.

How to consume:-

According to experts, consuming Gymnema Sylvestre leaves ends the taste of sweetness for one hour. For this, chew Gymnema Sylvestre leaves on an empty stomach and eat them daily. After this drink a glass of water. This reduces the sugar level and does not increase the sugar level throughout the day.

Diabetes. Early research shows that taking Gymnema by mouth along with insulin or diabetes medications can improve blood sugar control in people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.






Metabolic syndrome. Early research shows that taking Gymnema for 12 weeks can reduce body weight and body mass index in overweight people with metabolic syndrome. But Gymnema does not appear to help with blood sugar control or improve cholesterol levels in these people.

Weight loss. Early research shows that taking Gymnema for 12 weeks can reduce body weight and body mass index in some people who are overweight. Early research also shows that taking a combination of Gymnema, hydroxy citric acid, and niacin-bound chromium by mouth can reduce body weight in people who are overweight or obese.


Increasing urine excretion (diuretic).

Disclaimer: Story tips and suggestions are for general information. Do not take these as the advice of any doctor or medical professional. In the case of symptoms of illness or infection, take the advice of a doctor.