Thursday, October 13, 2022

Modern treatment of piles disease

 Modern treatment of piles disease 

 Piles disease occasionally bleeds from the rectum. During defecation, many people have swelling of the rectum and some of the muscles hang loose, which re-enters or has to be pushed in automatically. Such a patient has been a victim of deception for ages. There are many fake doctors who are misleading the people in the name of treatment without surgery. Many of them are injecting toxic chemicals into the rectum, causing severe pain in the rectum and stinging around the rectum, and the patient suffers indescribably. As a result, some people's anus narrows and closes. Then the bag has to be inserted through the stomach in an alternative way to the stool. In some cases, the doctor prescribes a toxic chemical powder that is applied to the rectum, but the rectum rots and the patient suffers the same consequences. *

* Dhanvantari piles are being treated through laser surgery. The matter is not true at all. Because, it is internationally recognized that there is no added benefit to treating piles with laser. About 100 percent of patients can be treated without any incisions in the rectum through ring ligation and lungo surgery. Conventional surgery involves cutting off three rectal muscles, which we do today only for those who are not fit for ring ligation and are unable to afford longo surgery equipment. *

* Laser piles operation is the same as conventional operation. The only difference is that in this case it is cut with a laser beam and in conventional surgery it is cut with a surgical knife. Like conventional surgery, laser surgery will also have three wound sites. *

* After laser surgery, there is usually the same pain as the operation, it takes a month or two for the wound to heal, and the same complications can occur as with conventional surgery. There are several types of piles treatment. Such as injection, ring ligation, electrocoagulation, electrode, cryotherapy, infrared photocoagulation, anal dilation, laser therapy, conventional surgery and longo surgery. *

* Considering the merits and demerits of all types of procedures and considering the practice of surgeons worldwide at present, the three most common methods are ring ligation, longo operation and conventional surgery. *


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