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Who is responsible for your child's mental health problems?

Who is responsible for your child's mental health problems?

Kid’s Mental Health Smartphones, tablets cause mental health problems in young children. Not only maternal mental health problems, but also physical problems such as watery eyes, poor eyesight at a young age, headaches, neck pain, and even spinal pain can occur.
You may be surprised to learn that spending just an hour on a digital (smartphone, tablet) screen can make children anxious and depressed.
Many parents hold a mobile phone or tablet in their hand to keep their child busy. Children also have fun watching cartoons or playing video games. Again, many children do not want to eat without a mobile phone!
Do you know who is being harmed at the end of the day?
That child, who stares at the digital screen for hours on end. Mental health problems as well as physical problems surround him.
Scientists say that when a child has the best time to form his brain, if he suffers from smartphone and tablet addiction, it can cause huge damage to his mental health.
Analyzing data from the parents of about 90,000 American children, a study found that in 2016, only 4 percent of 16- to 16-year-olds read books every day for entertainment, up from 60 percent in 1985.
And only 1 percent of 13-16 year olds read daily newspapers. Which was 35 percent in 1992.
Let's try to find out what is the harm of giving smartphones or tablets in the hands of children. I find out mental health problems as well as physical problems.
1. Behavioral effects.
You may be surprised to know that a smartphone or tablet is occupied by children for an average of 15 minutes every 1 hour.
When kids want a smartphone or tablet from their parents, and they don’t get it right away, they wait. As a result, their normal sleep cycle is disrupted. As a result, it has an effect on behavior.
2. Inhibiting brain development
Gadget addiction is no less than alcohol addiction. The part of the brain that plays a role for emotion, love, empathy and compassion is also damaged by running extra smartphone-tablets.
3. Irritable mood and monotony.
When kids are addicted to excessive digital screens they can’t hold their mood. As a result, angry answers, disobedience to parents, and even many children begin to abuse.
4. Interest in reality decreases.
When kids get addicted to extra mobile phones, they think of themselves as well frogs. As a result, they have no interest in reality. They can't tell the difference between the real world and the digital world.
5. Emotion works less.
In the virtual world (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat) chatting and talking to someone directly is a completely different matter. When they mix with less people, their emotions naturally decrease. Even the feelings towards one's father, mother, brother and sister decrease. The consequences are dire.
7. Learns to speak late.
Children who are addicted to smart devices learn to talk late. This is because they look at a screen all the time, so children have less opportunity to talk.
8. Decline of social values
How to behave in society, how to talk nicely with someone, all these things are not in the minds of children. Read - What to do to keep the baby's eyes well
Also, if you give smartphones and tablets in the hands of young children, there may be other problems
The mind goes to study.
Can't tell the difference between good and evil.
Water falls in the eyes, the power of the eyes decreases.
Headaches at a young age.
The neck starts to ache.
Weight gain as a result of not moving.
However, teenagers are more affected than children in terms of spending time on mobiles and tablets and in terms of well-being. This is because teenagers spend more time on social media. And children spend most of their time playing cartoons and video games.
Therefore, considering the mental health of the child, every parent should be given enough time. Take a walk outside. Be friendly with the child.

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