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Kangaroo care is a boon for newborns… (7 Bonding Benefits Of Skin To Skin Kangaroo Care…)

 Kangaroo care is a boon for newborns… (7 Bonding Benefits Of Skin To Skin Kangaroo Care…)

Kangaroo care is a technique of caring for newborns. Kangaroo care is used especially for infants who lose weight at birth. In this, the child is kept sticking to the open chest of the mother or father, in such a way that there is direct contact of the baby's skin with the parent's skin. This technique can be used in the care of all newborns. Very effective and very easy to use technique keeps the health of children healthy. Kangaroo care is a beneficial technique for taking good care of all children born prematurely or after completion of time. Dr. Naveen Bajaj, Neonatologist (Indian Academy of Pediatrics) gave important information about it.

Who can provide kangaroo care?

Kangaroo care technology is the best person to take care of the baby. But the father of the child or any close member of the family (siblings, grandparents, grandparents, aunts, aunts, aunts, aunts, uncles, etc.) who can handle the child by giving kangaroo care to the child is the responsibility of the mother. Can take some part of it. A person giving kangaroo care is required to follow some common standards of hygiene, for example, washing each day, wearing clean clothes, keeping hands clean by washing them regularly, hand nails being cut and cleaned, etc.


They will solve it, stay by their side if necessary

When should kangaroo care begin and what should be its duration?

Kangaroo cares ie the skin-to-skin contact technique should be started from the birth of the child. Initially, the duration of its use should be kept short i.e. around 30 to 60 minutes. And when the mother gradually gets used to it and gets confidence in using this technique, then it can be used for as long as possible. Especially for underweight babies, the longer the duration of kangaroo care, the better. While giving kangaroo care to the child, the mother can rest herself or sleep in half.

Kangaroo Care Procedure

Between the breasts of the mother, keep the baby in such a way that its head is tilted to one side so that it is easier to breathe and the mother is always in front of the eyes. The baby's stomach should be attached to the upper part of the mother's stomach, arms, and legs are bent. Clean, cotton cloth or kangaroo bags can be used to support the baby.

Benefits of Kangaroo Care

Kangaroo care started for the care of prematurely born or underweight children. But this technique is also beneficial for children born full time or of the right weight.

This is the best way to take good care of your baby and to build a feeling of belonging in it. It has been observed that the association of children taken care of with this technology with their parents is very close.

Skin-to-skin contact promotes brain development and the building of emotional talent. Love, familiarity, and trust also develop well as the eyes are connected to the eyes.

The use of this process also promotes breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is extremely beneficial from the point of view of the health of both the child and the mother. Breastfeeding contributes to the nutrition and development of the baby.

Due to this, the body temperature of the child can be kept constant, especially in children of low weight and in winter.

This technique increases the weight of the children taken care of. They sleep quietly for a long time. Even when awake, they remain calm and cry less.

In view of the numerous advantages, kids who are really focused on kangaroo care procedures are more sound and insightful. They also have a greater sense of belonging towards their family.

Also useful for father

Like mothers, fathers can also take care of the child with kangaroo care ie skin-to-skin contact technique. It is beneficial for both the infant and the father. Some special benefit for the father is that he will be able to take good care of the child and will not feel helpless. This creates a bond between the child and the father, and the father is also happy to play an important responsibility in the care of the child. This technique also helps them to understand the hunger and stress signals of the child. When the father is giving kangaroo care, then the mother can relax and maintain her energy and enthusiasm for taking good care of the child. 

The use of this technique helps in the physical and mental development of children. Children feel safe and their whole energy is put into the best development. World Health Organization and physicians believe that kangaroo care technology must be used for all children.


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