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What is the inner knee and its injury?

The medial or inner knee refers to the part of the knee that is closest to its contemporaneous ie the same part of the other knee. Multiple injuries or various health disorders over time can contribute to inner knee pain.

What causes some inner knee pain?

The knee is not a simple structure with only one hinge joint, but consists of many tissues, ligaments and tendons responsible for a single movement. Several things can go wrong, some of which are:

• Bursitis

A bursa is a small, fluid-filled sac that protects bones, muscles, and tendons from friction. Inflammation of this tissue causes bursitis.

Especially when the pes anserine bursa becomes inflamed due to sharp trauma to the joint or overuse, it increases the pain inside the knee.

• Injury

Sports, exercise can often cause injuries, which put pressure on the knee joint resulting in knee pain. Apart from these two, accidents or traumas where a person falls on their knees unintentionally can cause severe injuries and knee pain.

• Sprain or tear

A tear in the medial collateral ligament can cause pain inside the knee. This can occur in injuries where there is excessive twisting of the ligament. A forceful blow to the outside of the knee puts pressure on the inside of the knee, usually causing immediate pain and swelling.

• Torn meniscus

A protective cartilage called the meniscus lines the knee joint and tears inside it, causing pain inside the knee. This layer can wear down over time and cause pain with any kind of knee movement.

• Osteoarthritis of the knee

The degenerative condition in which the protective cartilage wears away and weakens the knee is called osteoarthritis. The first thing you may feel after waking up is knee pain.

• Medial plica syndrome

Due to this syndrome, there is swelling in the plica present below the knee. This can occur when a person's activity level suddenly increases. The doctor may feel the lump on the inside of the knee very tender to the touch.

Internal knee pain treatment

Home remedies can resolve or relieve the problem of bruising or swelling. You can try:

• Knee rest: If the injury is sports-related and minor, try to rest your knee and reduce your activity level.

• Use of ice pack: It can reduce pain and swelling to a great extent. Try doing this 4-5 times a day for 15 minutes at a time.

• Anti-inflammatories: You can try taking mild doses of over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin, but only until you see your doctor and then take the prescribed medication.

If you feel that the injury is severe enough, be sure to consult a doctor. They may recommend a brace, physical therapy, or whatever else is most appropriate for treating your inner knee pain.

There are many knee replacement surgeons in Indore that you can visit. With quality service, you can see that nothing else is wrong with your knee health and get back to a normal active lifestyle.


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