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Ginger Side Effect: If you take more ginger in summer, know its side effects.

Ginger is an herbal supplement, which can be used as a natural remedy in the treatment of antiemetic, carminative, stimulant, and also as anti-inflammatory. It can be effective in the treatment of dyspepsia, migraine headache, morning sickness, nausea (chemo-induced), post-operative nausea and/or vomiting, osteoarthritis, respiratory infections, rheumatoid arthritis, and SSRI taper/discontinuation.

Demonstrated antiemetic efficacy in pregnancy, postoperative nausea and vomiting, and vertigo. It is possibly ineffective for motion sickness. Insufficient reliable data to rate use in chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, migraine headache, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis

The coronavirus is once again rapidly gaining momentum. To prevent this virus, we include such things in our diet, which can help to boost our immunity. Whenever there is talk of increasing immunity, then the name of ginger comes first in our mind. Ginger is a spice full of medicinal properties that we consume from cooking to making tea. From sore throat to toxins in the body, ginger is very effective.

You know that excessive use of ginger can also have side effects on your health. Excess of ginger in summer can also make you sick. Where ginger boosts your immunity, it can also make you sick. Let's know what side effects ginger can have on our body.

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Ginger can make you a victim of diarrhea:

There is a rush to increase immunity in people in the coronary period. People like to drink ginger decoction or ginger tea as soon as they get time. Ginger hangs on people so much that they consume ginger tea and decoction several times a day. Ginger is also used in vegetables, lentils, pickles and chutneys at home. This kind of ginger use can be harmful to you. Eating more ginger in summer can cause diarrhea.

Ginger can cause gas and heartburn:

Eating a balanced amount of ginger is beneficial, but if you use it excessively, you may complain of a burning sensation in your chest in summer. Use limited ginger to increase immunity.


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Consumption of ginger in pregnancy can cause harm:

Consuming more than 1500 grams of ginger prescribed per day can increase the risk of miscarriage. Pregnant women must consult a doctor before using ginger in pregnancy.

Ginger is harmful to sugar and blood pressure patients:

Patients with sugar and hypertension should avoid consuming ginger. With the use of ginger, the level of sugar in the blood is lower than normal. The effect of medicines taken by the patients of sugar also starts to decrease. Blood thinners occur with the use of ginger, BP patients may have low blood pressure.

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Women may have more bleeding:

The ginger effect is hot. Hot ginger dilutes blood in summer. If you use it during periods, you may have more bleeding. Your periods can last longer. Therefore, it is very important to avoid adding ginger to your diet when you are suffering from period pain.

Ginger prevents hair growth:

If your hair growth is low or you are a victim of baldness, first of all, remove ginger from your diet. Ginger is hot, it reduces your hair.

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