Saturday, October 15, 2022

Side Effects Of Lemonade

 If you drink more lemonade in summer, then know its side effects too:

Whenever we feel thirsty in summer, we often like to drink lemonade to quench thirst and to meet the lack of water in our body. Lemonade cools the body in summer and also fulfills the lack of water. Rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals, this drink helps to meet the nutritional deficiencies required by our body. Lemonade is also very effective for kidney and heart health. Its intake boosts immunity, as well as burns calories.

Lemon water maintains digestion, its intake helps in correcting the metabolism of the body. Lemonade is very beneficial for health but its excessive use can also cause side effects on the body. If you also consume lemonade, then first of all, know how much lemon water you should consume and how much intake of it can harm you.


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1.Can cause damage to teeth:

Drinking a lot of lemonade during the day can cause damage to your teeth. Lemon contains acidic acid, the excessive intake of which can damage the upper layer of teeth. According to the advice of experts, consume lemonade with straw. Drinking in this way does not have direct contact with teeth.

2.Lemonade can cause blisters:

Citric acid found in lemons can damage the lining of the mouth, causing frequent blisters. Consuming it in large amounts can also cause damage to the gums.

3.Can cause nausea:

Drinking plenty of lemonade can cause nausea. Vitamin C is found in lemons. Due to the high amount of this vitamin in the stomach, the secretion of acids also increases, due to this, you may have to face nausea.

#How much lemon water to consume:

According to experts, more than two lemons should not be consumed in a day. After getting lemonade, rinse it with clean water so that the teeth do not get too much damage

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