Saturday, October 15, 2022

Healthy Breakfast Options

 5 Easy breakfast options that will keep you fit and healthy:

Breakfast is the most important mile of the day, but the working women miss it due to haste and have to suffer the bad consequences for a long time. Obesity does not increase for a long period of time and obesity increases due to a decrease in energy level. In such a situation, today we are telling you 5 such easy breakfast options for 5 working days, which takes very little time to cook and eat.

Corn flakes for Monday:

Always keep corn flakes at home. To balance whatever heavy you have eaten in the weekend, start the day with corn flakes and milk on Monday. Add dates, nuts, fruits to it. It is healthy as well as tasty.

Oats slang for Tuesday

Oats khichdi is very easy to make. Bake the oats in advance and keep them in the box. Heat some oil and add the tempering and desired vegetables and stir for a minute. Then add oats, add salt, and spices as per taste. Add water to it and let it cook for 2 minutes. A healthy and tasty breakfast is ready.

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Chia pudding for Wednesday

Chia seeds are rich in calcium and nutrition. Soak 2 spoons of chia seeds in milk, curd or coconut milk at night. Add fruits and nuts of your choice and eat them in the morning. They will give you nutrition as well as energy.

Omelet or cheela on Thursday

Women generally do not pay attention to their protein intake. While protein is very important for our skin, hair, muscles. In such a situation, it is important that you get your breakfast protein-rich one day. If you eat eggs, then there is no omelet, then dal or gram flour cheese is made quickly and also keeps you full of energy.

Smoothie on Friday

Blend the bananas, strawberries, soaked chia seeds in a glass of milk and blend them. Put honey on top and survey it in a beautiful glass. A healthy and tasty smoothie is ready. So now there is no excuse to miss breakfast. All these breakfast options are made very quickly and easily.

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