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The importance of family planning

The importance of family planning

Healthy family life means a life where the basic needs of life can be met in a very beautiful, simple and natural way. Life does not end here in the conflict of drag. So in building a healthy family life, one has to think of a life where life is not burdened financially, locally and for lack of treatment.

And the key to building such a healthy life is to choose the right path of family planning in time. For example, if you are a newlywed couple who do not want to take on the burden of having a child right after marriage, you want a good family planning approach to spend the day enjoying the sweetness of your new life. Suppose a high quality modern scientific home can give you the desired happiness and comfort at this time or it may be that your current financial situation is not conducive to raising another child, there is no point in increasing the burden of a child unnecessarily and dragging the family into poverty. In this case, be careful not to give birth in your womb unintentionally.

You will be a mother. Motherhood is the absolute desire and ultimate pursuit of every woman. So let that be a cause of physical and mental well-being and good fortune for you, not unintentionally.

It is important to be worry free

It is important to be worry free

7 days before the start of the period and 7 days after the start - these 14 days are the safest. The first or next few days are safe, but the risk increases little by little. The most unsafe time is from the 13th to the 16th day. But for those who want to have a baby, this is the best time.

And those who are ignorant, or new to physical intercourse, have not yet had enough experience, if you do not want to have a child, always use one or both protection. And the rest of the unsafe time will be completely off. Don't even meet at that time with protection.

Whether or not the baby came after the reunion - this is the best way to stay free from this worry.

And for those who are younger, if they first meet, or if they meet irregularly, later periods can sometimes be irregular. One of the main reasons for this is anxiety. Those who sleep regularly, eat on time, do a little physical work every day, their anxiety is less, their period is also regular.

So keep the lifestyle just right. Stay well physically and mentally. Then all is well.

Stay healthy by drinking 1 glass of aloe vera juice

How to stay healthy by drinking 1 glass of aloe vera juice every day

We know aloe vera or aloe vera as a medicinal plant. However, not everyone is very familiar with this tree. The aloe vera has green leaves from the base and the leaves are thick with small saw-like spines on either side. The inside of the leaf has a transparent slippery shell called aloe vera gel. New trees grow from the leaves of this tree.

This aloe vera gel can be extracted from the leaves and mixed with water to make a delicious sherbet with a little honey. Although this aloe vera juice is not popular with everyone, this aloe vera juice has many health benefits. 1 glass of aloe vera juice every day will keep the body healthy and will also enhance the beauty. Let's take a look at how aloe vera juice will keep you healthy.

Aloe vera keeps the heart healthy
Aloe vera juice mixes with the blood to increase the flow of oxygen in the blood. This increases the supply of oxygenated blood to the veins in our body and increases the performance of our heart. According to British medical researchers, aloe vera juice is especially effective in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Even without this, the health of the heart remains good. Doctors also often advise heart patients to drink aloe vera juice regularly.

Aloe vera improves the body's immune system
Studies have shown that people who drink aloe vera juice regularly have about 40% better immune systems than others. Aloe vera juice helps boost the body's immune system. 1 glass of aloe vera juice every day increases the white blood cells in the body which is especially effective in preventing diseases. And the aloe vera vegetable antioxidant greatly improves the body's immune system.

Increases digestive energy
Many people suffer from various digestive problems. Most of the time after falling on different legs of the abdomen, the legs fall ill. Aloe vera juice works as a great medicine for them. One of the special properties of aloe vera is that it can cure constipation and diarrhea. Aloe vera not only improves digestion, but also helps to destroy the bacteria responsible for various stomach problems.

Works to protect the skin
Aloe vera contains antibacterial and anti-aging ingredients that are especially effective in protecting the skin. Drinking 1 glass of aloe vera juice every day can get rid of various skin problems such as acne, infections and even aging of the skin. Aloe vera juice can also be applied directly on the skin to get rid of acne and acne scars.

Health Aloe vera for bright hair
Aloe vera is a good ingredient for skin as well as hair. Just 1 glass of aloe vera juice per day will relieve hair problems. Aloe vera solves problems like hair loss, split ends and thinning hair. You can also mix aloe vera juice directly with oil and apply it on the hair.


KIDNEY : Forgetting the 6 that you are destroying the two kidneys of the body!

The kidneys help our body to excrete various wastes, unused food and excess water. The kidneys play a very important role in keeping our body free from harmful toxins from various body wastes. And that is why the health of the kidneys is much more important for the health of our body.

But most of the time we forget to pay attention to the kidneys. And this is the only reason why many people suffer from kidney problems every year. And the death rate from kidney problems is higher. We are responsible for kidney disease without paying proper attention to our kidneys.

We are constantly doing something that has a direct effect on our kidneys. But we need to be careful for our own good. However, let us know the irregularities responsible for kidney damage and try to avoid these irregularities with caution.

Not drinking enough water:
Water is the most important thing to protect the kidneys. Many of us do not drink enough water. It damages the kidneys. Many people do not remember to drink water when they go out of the house.

But this puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys and the kidneys lose their normal function. It is very important for an adult to drink 7-8 glasses of water a day. So keep a water bottle with you at all times.

Eating too much salt:
Many people have a bad habit of eating too much salt. Many people sit down to eat and eat with salt separately on a plate. But the kidneys are suffering a lot due to this irregularity.

The kidneys cannot excrete excess sodium from our body. As a result, the extra salt sodium remains in the kidneys. The kidneys are damaged. There is even a possibility of kidney damage.

Eating more meat:
Many people have a bad habit which is addiction to meat. Many rely solely on meat, excluding vegetables and fish. This irregularity is also fatal for the kidneys. Fish and vegetables are much more important for the protection of the kidneys. Eating too much meat reduces kidney function. So fix your eating habits.

Alcohol is the most harmful for the kidneys. Alcohol cannot properly excrete the kidneys from our body. As a result, it destroys the kidneys by reducing the function of the kidneys from within the kidneys. Many people suffer from serious diseases like liver cirrhosis due to excessive drinking. The death rate from this disease is much higher. So stay away from alcohol.

Taking additional painkillers:
Many people take painkillers when they have a slight pain. Many people do this especially because of headaches. But it is a work that is deadly harmful to the kidneys.

Excessive doses of this type of painkiller can cause severe damage to kidney cells. The kidneys are completely damaged. So do not take any painkillers without consulting a doctor.

Urinary retention:
Many people do this outside the house. He thinks that there will be no harm if the miner keeps the urine. Although the extent of its damage is not apparent, it destroys the kidneys very quickly.

Urinary retention puts a lot of pressure on the kidneys and the kidneys lose their normal function. So don't forget to do this. Find another way without waiting to return home. This will keep the kidneys healthy.

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7 tips to create a sexual mindset in married life

7 tips to create a sexual mindset in married life

You two are tired. The children are asleep. You are not happy with your body weight. Or worried about the stress of office work.

Married couples (in long-term relationships) for various reasons, after the evening, the husband and wife are losing interest in each other, lying on the pillow or busy with the TV remote. But healthy sex is the main controller of marital relationship. Ignoring this issue can lead to immorality / alienation and even divorce.
Problem 01: About MONOTONOUS.

Solution: Ignite - Ignite.

When you are about for a long time, your life becomes a kind of routine. The human brain releases a chemical called dopamine, which carries our emotions to the pleasure cells of the brain. Dopamine increases a person's heart rate, stretches the eyeball. This dopamine is responsible for the heavenly feeling of flying butterflies in the belly of a newlywed couple.

As the days go by, the dopamine secretion decreases, so the feeling of that first love gradually decreases. In the long run, another chemical is released called oxytocin. As a result, the couple continues to feel extreme peace and security in each other's company. When a relationship breaks down, life becomes miserable. Moreover, oxytocin reduces the body's secretion of another substance called "cortisol". Cortisol is a stress hormone. So couples bound in a long-term relationship feel less stressed.

Dopamine always becomes overly sensitive when it comes to differentiating a new relationship while performing the same kind of feelings.

You can't change partners if I want to. So you can make other changes about the effects of dopamine. Such as - visiting different places when time allows, changing seats in the meeting, changing the time and place of the meeting (even occasional meeting in the kitchen or toilet).

Problem 02: There is a lot of work, I feel very tired.

Solution: Take a romantic break.

All the couples come from the long time of the day and in the middle of a lot of work till evening and no longer feel strong for a romantic night. Now is the time for change. You need to calculate what is important. Sexual intercourse is a necessary regulator for overall mental and physical well-being. So instead of always waiting for the darkness of the night, take some time for your husband / wife in the morning or at noon. You can call your wife at work all day. Can submit positive thoughts emotionally. Which will help keep you moving during the reunion.

Problem 03: Who is the person I am dating?

Solution: Rediscover each other - without any stress.

If you haven't had sex with your partner for some time - then his interest may seem like a forced request. So for a healthy sex life, you can tell each other what you want from each other by gestures before starting direct intercourse. Sexual thoughts are not so strong if the husband and wife do not have time for sweet memories. So you can plan something exciting at the end of the week. Doing the usual things like watching movies, going out to eat, etc. - you can take a Honda to a distant unfamiliar village or do some childish madness. You can come to a farmer's house as an uninvited guest and have lunch. You can come with some money in your hand when you come. But whatever you do - don't do it all the time. Men who give their wives housework and use it in a friendly way are more likely to enjoy dating.

Problem 04: You don't like the structure of your body.

Solution: Concentrate on what you like.

Keep up the good content. All human beings are born with some imperfection. No one is perfect! Try to find out what you like best. Try to be happy with what God has given you. But try to change all the things in your own hands. If you think you are a little overweight then you can join the gym. Don't look at your own negative aspects and praise the good aspects of "living with". Share all the things that make you great. On the other hand, he will also encourage you to say the beautiful aspects between you.

Problem 05: Sexual intercourse is painful.

Solution: Do not sew silently.

Many times you are not interested in reconciling emotionally. And your body is not giving in either. Reunion can be painful for many reasons. After the menstrual cycle is permanently stopped, that is, after the age of 50 to 56 years, the menstrual cycle is permanently stopped. So after this age the vagina may lose its normal moisture and become dry. This can cause pain during intercourse. Long-term family, so maybe you have the mentality of sewing pain in silence. In addition to this, there can be pain in the joints for various reasons. So it is better to discuss all these issues directly with your partner.

Problem 08: You are not interested in sex yet.

Solution: Identify the causes.

Reluctance to marry may not be due to age alone. There may be many other reasons associated with this. Such as -

Anxiety, fear, hormonal imbalances can also cause sexual reluctance.
Lingot at an early age in men

Steps to build lean men's muscles

Steps to build lean men's muscles
Follow some necessary steps to build lean men's muscles
It is not true that every man is entitled to good health. There are many men who are much thinner. They tend to have abnormally low health. If you are such a man and want to build healthy muscles then here are some steps that will help you build healthy muscles.

1. Take supplement:
For this you need to take nutrients, vitamins and minerals from your daily diet. However, if you have any type of physical exercise, then you need to take some additional supplements. In this case you can use protein powder.
2. Eat regularly:
If you want to strengthen your muscles, eat regularly. Eat more protein, meat, sugar and fat foods. Also eat 300-600 calorie food every day. You can also eat more sweet national food.

3. Eat more meat:
Meat has a lot of fat, protein, fiber, calories which will help to provide energy to the body and help build muscle. In addition, building healthy muscles requires 500-1000 calories per day, which will increase the body's metabolic rate. So eat more beef, mutton and egg milk.
4. Do weight lifting exercises:
It may be that by eating extra food your body is gaining internal energy, the body is getting nutrients but your muscles are not improving much just your lower abdomen is getting much heavier.

You must do regular physical exercise to get rid of such problems. In this case you can do the weight lifting exercise. This will increase your appetite and you will become physically fit

prevent hair maturation

Home treatment to prevent hair maturation
Hair is a very useful accessory for external beauty. Especially if the hair starts to ripen at a young age, it is often embarrassing to read outside the house, office or friends. Basically the hair starts to change color when the production of pigment in it decreases or stops completely. Statistics show that stress is more responsible for hair loss at the age of 30 or less.

However, there are some domestic solutions to these problems. Procedures that can be followed.


It goes without saying that there is no alternative to Amalki to bring back the prematurely ripened hair. In this case, heat a little coconut oil and a few pieces of mango in a bowl. Then gently apply the oil all over the hair and wait a few minutes. Certain ingredients present in amalaki help to increase the production of pigments. As a result, naturally white hair begins to turn black.


Make a paste by mixing 1 teaspoon of honey with the same amount of ginger. Then apply it on the hair every day. This homemade blend will play a special role in keeping hair black for a long time.

Coconut oil

There is no substitute for coconut oil in hair care. In a bowl, mix well with coconut oil and lemon juice. Then apply the mixture on the scalp and wait for a few minutes. If you take care of your hair in this way, your hair will not ripen. With that, the lost beauty of hair will also come back.


Make a paste by mixing two spoons of henna powder, one spoon of fenugreek seeds, two spoons of basil leaf paste, three spoons of coffee powder, three spoons of mint leaf juice and one spoon of yoghurt in 1 bowl. Then start applying it on your hair every day. If you do it regularly according to the rules, you don't have to worry about white hair.

Neem oil

The anti-bacterial properties of neem oil kill multiple bacteria on the scalp and solve multiple hair problems, as well as reduce hair loss and gray hair.

Remedy for hydrocele

Remedy for hydrocele

The outside of the testicles of men has a kind of membrane called tunica vaginalis. When fluid accumulates in the middle of this tunica vaginalis it is called hydrocele. In the case of primary hydrocele, the scrotum gradually grows painlessly. There is always some fluid leaking between the two layers of the tunica vaginalis. Again, this fluid is absorbed at the same level as it is excreted. If the level of this secretion from absorption is high, then a fluid starts to accumulate between the two layers of tunica vaginalis called hydrocele.

Hydrocele is a problem in men in which one side or both sides of the male scrotum gradually accumulate fluid. The disease can usually occur for no apparent reason and can sometimes be caused by injury, testicular cancer or infection. May be due to filariasis or gout. Treatment complications such as prostate cancer, radioactive therapy or varicocele increase the risk of developing the disease after surgery. Two types of hydrocele are commonly seen. One type of hydrocele is larger during the day and smaller in the morning when sleeping at night. This type of hydrocele sac has an addition to the abdominal cavity. As a result, the fluid in the abdominal cavity starts to accumulate in the hydrocele sac during the day and again at night when it is lying down. It slowly accumulates in the abdominal cavity.

That is, it remains the same during the day or night. This type of hydrocele sac is closed, meaning it has no contact with the abdominal cavity. Although hydrocele does not cause serious problems in the body, in some cases there may be cancer with hydrocele and complications may occur due to infection or injury to the hydrocele.

Diagnosis of hydrocele or monocotyledonous disease: Image link
Hydrocele is usually diagnosed by physical examination. The scrotum becomes swollen and enlarged and does not hurt when pressed. Usually the testicles cannot be felt by hand due to the water on all four sides. If you put pressure on the abdomen or scrotum, sometimes the watery sac can be big or small, in this case, it should be understood that there is an inguinal hernia.

Because there is water on all four sides of the testicles, the testicles cannot be felt with the hands. In this case another test may be required. Possible tests include:
- Ultrasound imaging
- Abdominal X-ray

Hydrocele treatment:

Surgery is the best treatment. This operation is possible only in the external department. Water and hydrocele are removed through a small operation. Usually this operation does not require anesthesia. The lower part of the body is operated on. Another method is to remove the water with the help of a needle and give some medicine to the place so that the water does not accumulate again. In this case severe pain, recurrence complications including infection can occur.

Want to be a healthy man-daily diet

Want to be a healthy man? Then bring these 5 changes in the daily diet!

It is generally believed that men and women of lean, light and slim build are preferred. They can eat whatever they want, they can read whatever they want! But are they satisfied with their bodies? Are they confident enough?
The reality is that many of these people are worried about their light-skinned body.

Whatever you say, a good way to find out if your body is in good shape is to calculate your body mass index. According to him, if you are underweight, you need to think about it. Because being overweight is as dangerous to health as being overweight can be dangerous.

Light-thin body may be anemic, there may be digestive problems. In addition, the risk of pregnancy and bone weakness in girls is also a matter of concern. So if you need to gain weight, you can try to follow these six tips.

Nutritious food

If you want to gain weight, you have to eat. Playing whatever you like is more harmful than beneficial. Balanced nutritious food. The diet should have the right combination of protein, carbohydrates and fats. It is important to meet the demand for adequate protein for muscle building and weight gain. A variety of nuts, milk and dairy foods will provide the body with the necessary energy.

The amount of drink

If you want to gain weight, you have to increase your appetite first. Drink digestive drinks to increase appetite. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water throughout the day. However, do not drink water just before sitting down to eat or in the middle of a meal. This destroys the appetite.

Do not eat this and that again and again between heavy meals in the morning, afternoon and night. Some people say that it is better to eat heavy food three to five times a day. You have to fill your stomach with nutritious food selectively. If you try to gain weight by eating fried or fast food foods that are light and thin, you will do more harm than good.

Sugar caution

Seeing your light-skinned body, people nearby may encourage you to eat various sugary foods, including cakes and pastries. But be careful about extra sugary foods. You may fall into the clutches of visceral fat or skinny fat. It is a fatty substance that does not suddenly increase fat but can nest in many important organs inside the body. So you have to eat sugars selectively.

Start exercising

There is no substitute for exercise for good health. No matter how light-skinned you are, you will benefit greatly from exercise. There is no substitute for the habit of falling asleep at night and waking up in the morning.

Physical exercise is also important. Exercising regularly will increase your appetite. As a result, you will be able to eat after overcoming the general hunger. Regular exercise will build your muscles and increase physical strength. You can also benefit from practicing many yoga poses.

Quit smoking

The more you smoke, the more likely you are to lose your appetite. Of course, there are a lot of overweight and obese smokers in the world and there are also a lot of skinny smokers. But the point is that smoking is not good for anyone's health. And the first benefit that everyone gets after quitting smoking is to keep their appetite growing.

Essential food for men

Essential food for men
Most men are indifferent to food most of the time. It's a lot like eating together. But just as some foods are healthy for everyone, there are also some foods that are especially important for children, adult women and men, and the elderly. Foods that are beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or gender. According to the Times of India, there are some healthy foods for adult men.

9 essential food for men
Many people call tomato a 'super food' because of its many beneficial properties. It contains the important nutrient lycopene. It is especially beneficial for cholesterol cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease and low-cholesterol. And these diseases are very common among men.

Oysters or oyster zinc
Oysters have high levels of zinc. This ingredient is very essential for male fertility and sexual health. Zinc plays an important role in maintaining the required levels of the hormone testosterone and in producing healthy semen. Zinc in oysters is also beneficial for hair.
Granular grains
Grain grains are high in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Oatmeal and brown rice are rich in vitamin-B. This vitamin-B, which is essential for the body, helps reduce ‘depression’ or ‘depression’. Studies have shown that folate found in such grains helps keep semen healthy and biotin helps prevent hair loss.

Everyone knows the benefits of garlic in protecting the heart and preventing heart disease. Not only that, garlic also helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Researchers say that men who regularly eat garlic have lower cholesterol levels.

Salmon and fish are not only good sources of protein, they also contain omega-3 fatty acids which are associated with bad cholesterol levels. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and depression.

Blueberries contain high levels of pro-anthocyanidins, which help reduce the risk of prostate cancer, experts say. The fruit also helps reduce the risk of age-related dementia, type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

Like cabbage, cauliflower also contains the anti-cancer chemical 'sulforaphane'. It is said to help prevent bladder cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer in men.

Hair loss? Make sure you have eggs on your diet. Eggs contain important proteins for hair growth. And egg yolks are a very good source of iron.

Pomegranate juice
Pomegranate juice, rich in anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins, lowers cholesterol levels and prevents high blood pressure. Some studies have shown that drinking a moderate amount of pomegranate juice every day can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.



Benefits of guava in cancer prevention

* Benefits of guava in cancer prevention *

* Peyara is very popular as a delicious local fruit. Especially if the trees are ripe guavas. Everyone's guava is a favorite fruit. There are many benefits to eating guava if you keep in mind the taste, nutritional value and health. Guava can be included in the daily diet to maintain good health. Nutrition: Guava is a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C keeps the mouth cavity, teeth and gums healthy. *

* As a result, vitamine is not usually found in the form of carotene, which is later converted to vitamine. Carotene ensures normal growth of the body. It helps maintain the health of the retina and cells of the eye. Each 100 grams of pea contains 0.21 mg of vitamin B1 and 0.09 mg of b2. These Vita's can cause a variety of ailments, including berries and mouth sores. *
* For every 100 grams of pea, 8 kilocalories of food energy is available. One guava can be eaten daily to get food energy from vegetable sources. Each 100 grams of guava contains 1.4 grams of protein and 1.1 grams of fat. Each 100 grams of pea contains 15.2 grams of carbohydrates. It helps in the internal functions of the body. *

* In addition, fruit pectin and cellulose help reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Guava is rich in various minerals. For every 100 gms of guava, 0.8 g of Mina'rell, 0.03 mg of Thiamine, 0.03 mg of Riboflavin, 1.4 mg of Iron, 26 mg of Phosphorus and 20 mg of Cal. Fasting is available. *

* Benefits: - Prevents Diabetes: Regular consumption of guava reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes. This is because the fiber in peya ray can reduce the absorption of sugar in the body. Prevention of Diseases: The amount of Vitamin C in Peya Ray can fight against harmful bacteria and viruses if it enters the body.

* Increases eyesight: Vitamin A in pea increases eyesight. Protects from night blindness. Prevent Diarrhea: Guavas can fight against diarrhea. So playing guava regularly will reduce the risk of diarrhea a lot. Peas have the ability to fight bacteria. *

* Cancer Resistant: Guava also works against cancer. It contains antioxidants, lycopene, which can fight against cancer cells. Specifically, guava is good for prostate cancer and breast cancer.

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Digestive problems? Take a look at 6 home remedies to keep digestion good

Digestive problems? Take a look at 6 home remedies to keep digestion good

It is good to eat a variety of delicacies at the invitation of the festival. But if the digestion is not good, the mood is bad. Problems such as abdominal pain, bloating, bloating, rectal airflow or diarrhea can be triggered by eating more heavy and oily foods. Most of these are due to digestive disorders.
Here are some tips to get rid of annoying problems like indigestion, acidity, excess gas in the stomach, bloating and flatulence:

Digestive problems? Take a look at 6 home remedies to keep digestion good
* Do not rush while eating. Over time, you will end up chewing slowly and well. Food is not digested properly in a hurry. Apart from that, a little air also enters the stomach.

* Drinking too much water during and between meals weakens the stomach acid and cannot break down food well. So drink a glass of water at least 30 minutes before eating. Not too much water while eating. Drink water again after a while after eating.

* Individuals have problems digesting different types of food. People who have lactose intolerance cannot eat milk and milk products. Many people have problems with sweets (such as fruit juices, chocolates, etc.). Some people have problems with bread, barley or legumes. Who has the problem, he will be able to catch it well. Therefore, it is not possible to say such things as prohibition of milk or sweet prohibition of indigestion patient.

* Smoking, chewing gum and playing with juices increase the tendency to gas in the stomach. So avoid such habits.

* Artificial sugar, extra oily foods can also cause gas problems in the stomach. So you have to eat these by calculation.

* Flatulence in case of constipation. So to avoid constipation, eat fibrous food, drink enough water.

To stay beautiful forever-Do these

Do these little things before you go to bed to stay beautiful forever.

If you want to maintain both beauty and health, you must do some things before going to bed at night. You know some of these, you may not know the rest. Let's find out today about the night routine.

1) Before going to sleep, you must wear loose cotton clothes. It will be very comfortable to sleep.

2) It is important to clean the skin of the face well before going to sleep. Cleanse the face with cotton cleansing milk. Then wash with good facewash and lukewarm water.

3) It is very important to moisturize the skin of the face before going to sleep. Those who are a little older, they will apply anti wrinkle cream. Others understand their own skin type is a common moisturizer.

4) Keep your hair completely dry before going to sleep. If you have long hair, it is better to tie it.

5) Do not neglect anyone. Apply a good brand of cream or lotion.

6) It is very good if you can change the bed before going to sleep. Replace bed sheets, pillows all. It is good for your health. Moreover, sleeping on a soft cotton sheet is good.

7) Those who have trouble sleeping, they should drink a glass of warm milk before going to sleep. It is very good to play with a banana. It will be nice to sleep.

8) Finish dinner at least 3 hours before bedtime.

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CHILD CARE-If you do not give them these foods in the first year of life, you can get into trouble

If you do not give them these foods in the first year of life, you can get into trouble

Every parent should choose the right foods for the baby in the first year of life, because during this period the growth rate of the baby is higher. Therefore, it is very important to avoid certain foods during the first year of the baby. There are many foods that can have a negative effect on the body of children, leading to various food allergies. Therefore, every parent should know that the baby should not be fed any food in the first year of life.

Foods to Avoid in the First Year of Life -

1) Honey- contains pollen called Clostridium botulinum, which when consumed by children weakens the immune system and can lead to constipation, hunger and bacterial infections. It is very common in children under one year of age. Therefore, do not feed honey to young children under one year of age.

2) Milk- According to cow's milk research, feeding cow's milk to children has an adverse effect on their health. Cow's milk is low in iron, which makes it difficult for a baby to get the amount of iron it needs to grow. Also, the calcium and casein present in cow's milk stops the absorption of dietary non-frozen iron.
3) Fruit Juice- The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has advised parents to avoid feeding fruit juices to babies younger than six months. This is because the juice does not provide any nutrients to the baby in the first year and can replace breast milk.

4) Chocolate- Children should not be introduced to chocolate in the first year, because it contains milk solids, which can cause allergies. Any dairy food should not be given to children under one year of age.

5) Almond- experts recommend that children have a higher risk of allergies to nuts, so peanut and peanut butter or any nut butter must be avoided.

6) Seafood- seafood, especially shellfish and other fish mercury is high, so should not be given to children.

7) Eggs- Pediatricians advise children to avoid laying eggs, because according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, two percent of children are allergic to eggs.

8) Meat- should not be given to children, as it is very difficult for them to digest and they are high in sodium and animal fats, none of which are good for your baby.

9) Berries- Berries such as blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries and other citrus fruits are acidic in nature. This can lead to acidity and upset stomach in children.

Boys are attracted to the features that girls see

Boys are attracted to the features that girls see

Usually, boys pay attention to beautiful girls. However, this is not to say that boys do not like girls in general. Girls have many qualities that make them attractive to boys. And, on the basis of all this, they think of moving their relationship or love forward. So let's find out, what are the characteristics of boys are more attracted to boys.

Sense of humor
 Girls who know how to behave in any situation, that is, laughter-fun-sadness can keep pace with all this, can give strength to the partner in bad times. Girls who have higher levels of sense of humor have better relationships.

Judgement ability
It is difficult to talk to or explain to such people whose judgment is such that some people think that they are always right and their opinions can never be wrong. Boys like girls who make decisions according to the situation or are judicious and don't always consider their own thoughts as the best.

Own identity
 Every woman should have her own likes and dislikes. Being self-reliant is a great quality for girls. Men want their partner to live in their own identity, to have their own goals.

A compassionate woman whose heart is pure and who has empathy can support her partner even in the worst of times. He sees his partner's failure but does not leave him.

Cooking Skills
 More or less every man loves to eat. So, the boys are a little more attracted to the woman who is good at cooking.

A smile on the face not only enhances the beauty of a girl, but also a girl's sweet smile evokes a positive feeling in her partner.

 When a man is tired of fighting for a better future for himself and his family, he needs a partner like a mother to encourage him, who can overcome all his fatigue with his own love.

Long Hair
 Most men like women's long and thick black hair, because a woman's beauty is enhanced by her beautiful hair and she looks more attractive.

 A woman must have a dressing sense, which can attract a man to her. Wearing appropriate attire for any occasion, makes any girl attractive and attracts men.

 It is a person's attitude or behavior that teaches him to recognize. And, it is the positive attitude of a woman that attracts a man to her.

Confident men usually like women who have confidence and know very well what they want. A confident woman can handle her work, family, friends everything with confidence.

Eat mint yogurt, relax in the heat

Eat mint yogurt, relax in the heat

Winter is over, summer is in full swing. Little by little it started to get hot. Although winter is very dear to everyone, the heat is very bad but not at all. For gluttonous Bengalis and food lovers, summer is as much a favorite as winter. Because, at this time, there are some fruits that have to wait for the whole year. People also prefer to eat a variety of light foods, fruit juices, etc. this summer.
The arrival of summer is already giving a hint of heat. So to keep your body cool and healthy in this heat, today we are presenting the recipe of Mint Yogurt, take a look at the recipe -

Ingredients 1 cup tokadai 1 tbsp powdered milk half a cup mint leaf paste / whole amount of ice bitun sugar one pinch black pepper powder
Method Grind the sour curd, 1 tablespoon powdered milk, mint leaf paste (you can also give whole), ice powder, salt, sugar and a pinch of black pepper powder in a grinder. Add a little water if needed. When the mixture is well made, serve in a glass jar. You can serve with mint leaves and cherries on top of the lassi before serving.
Mint leaves have many benefits for our body. But, many of us may not be aware of its benefits. If you don't know, check it out -
1) The anti-oxidants and phytonutrients in mint leaves help to solve any stomach problem. 2) Mint juice is very good to keep the body cool in summer. So you can easily eat this recipe mixed with yogurt. 3) Mint leaf juice acts as an antibiotic to prevent any skin infection. 4) According to many scientists, the perineal alcohol in mint leaves is a component of phytonutrients, which inhibits the growth of cancer cells in the body. 5) It also helps to increase digestion. 6) Prevents typhoid, pneumonia.

Remove unwanted facial hair-its advantages and disadvantages

Girls are doing face shaving to remove unwanted facial hair, find out its advantages and disadvantages

Every girl wants her skin to be soft and radiant, but not everyone gets everything anymore. So, many people get beauty treatment for soft and radiant skin. Unwanted hair on the face or body spoils the beauty, so many people do waxing to remove them. However, many people also remove facial hair through threading. This is one of the most popular and infallible methods for hair removal. It is extremely low cost. However, nowadays the face shaving of girls has become a very popular topic. Face shaving is also being used in parlors to remove unwanted hair. So let's find out the benefits of face shaving and what to keep in mind while doing it.

When to do face shaving If your unwanted facial hair is light, then you should only do face shaving. If you have black and thick hair on your face, you should have laser treatment. Black and thick hair on the face is due to chemical and hormonal imbalances in the body. Shaving does not make the hair black and thick. Your hair will remain the same.

Be careful when shaving Keep in mind that you are shaving your hair in the same direction. Never shave with an old razor, always use a sharp razor. Separate razors should be used for shaving the face and separate razors for shaving other parts of the body. Using a razor in all cases can cause various problems.

Benefits of Face Shaving Face shaving is much cheaper than waxing and laser treatment. You can do it yourself. Face shaving is very helpful for going to a party suddenly. Face shaving not only removes facial hair, but also removes dead skin from the face. As a result the face is clean and soft. The biggest benefit of face shaving is that it removes short hair, but it is very difficult to remove short hair through waxing and threading.

After shaving makeup face the skin becomes extremely smooth. Due to which the skin looks very soft. Makeup on soft skin lasts a long time. Also, the makeup is set quite well. Shaving razors should be changed from time to time.

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Hair getting thinner? This home remedy will solve the problem

Hair getting thinner? This home remedy will solve the problem

Everyone's beauty is revealed through her hair, especially the thick black hair of girls enhances the beauty of a woman. However, due to untidy lifestyle and pollution, hair is severely damaged and hair loss begins. Hair becomes thinner due to hair loss. Hair loss or thinning is now a common problem. Every girl is worried about this. Many people buy and use various chemical products from the market for thinning hair. However, the use of beauty parlors and various chemical products for these problems does not reduce hair loss, but rather makes the hair so thin and dull. Here are some home remedies that can solve this hair problem -

Yogurt Yogurt is in everyone's home. Applying yoghurt on the hair makes the hair grow. Mix yogurt and honey in the hair and wash the hair with shampoo after a while. This increases the length of the hair.

Fenugreek Fenugreek seeds contain nicotinic acid, which strengthens the hair follicles. Fenugreek seeds are rich in protein, protein is very beneficial for hair. Soaking fenugreek seeds in water and washing the hair with that water reduces dandruff. Also, fenugreek reduces hair fall. Soak some home remedies fenugreek seeds overnight to cure pimples on oily skin, then make a paste by crushing fenugreek. Add one teaspoon of coconut oil. Now apply this mixture on the hair. Then wash your hair with shampoo. Doing this three times a week makes the hair thick and shiny.

Onion juice is very effective for onion hair growth. Onion juice contains anti-bacterial, which reduces dandruff from hair.
Mehndi Mehndi is extremely beneficial for hair. Applying mehndi makes the hair thicker, as well as mehndi gives beautiful color to the hair.

Have you ever eaten red tea? Learn its health benefits

Have you ever eaten red tea? Learn its health benefits

Not only Bengalis, people all over the world, tea, coffee is a strange intoxication and favorite thing. Some people understand the health benefits of tea, while others drink it without understanding. Everyone drinks their favorite tea based on taste and quality. Today in this article we will discuss a tea based on health benefits, which can help you get rid of thousands of physical problems effortlessly. This tea is called 'Ruibus Tea' or 'Red Tea'. Ruibus tea is a red herbal tea known as African Red Tea. As its health benefits outweigh other teas, it is extremely popular. So, many people drink it as an alternative to green or black tea. So let's find out today about the benefits of Ruibs or Red Tea.
What is Ruibus or Red Tea? Ruibus tea is made from the leaves of Aspalathus linearis, a native shrub of the Cape of Good Hope. This leaf is commonly found on the west coast of South Africa. When the leaf is dry, it looks like a needle. This tea is also known as red herb tea. This tea has a light fragrance like honey or vanilla. According to nutritionists, green tea contains 50 percent more antioxidants than ruibus tea, which inhibits the movement of free radicals in the body and reduces oxidative stress.

Health Benefits

 1) Caffeine Free Green Tea or Black Tea compared to African Red Tea, Caffeine free. Caffeine in excess of other teas causes heart problems, sleep problems and headaches. However, not having it in African Red Tea can easily get rid of such problems. This tea can be a good option for pregnant women and children.

2) Reduces the risk of heart disease It contains a lot of anti-oxidants, it is a healthy ingredient for the heart, as well as it helps to keep the cardiovascular system in order. Is it harmful to eat green tea on an empty stomach? A 2011 study found that some people with heart disease drank 8 cups of this tea daily for 6 weeks. Subsequent tests showed that their levels of low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol were significantly reduced and their levels of high-density lipoprotein or good cholesterol were significantly increased compared to other patients.

3) Reduces the risk of cancer. Rubis tea contains high levels of anti-oxidants called aspalathin, luteolin and quercetin, which fight free radicals, kill cancer cells and help protect healthy cells.

4) Increases digestion This tea is tannin free, which helps to increase digestion. Red tea also prevents diarrhea and gastric problems.

5) Increases immunity Red tea builds and strengthens the body's immunity. The nutrients in this tea help the body fight disease.

6) Maintains good bone health Studies have shown that rubis tea contains a variety of polyphenols, which help improve the activity of osteoblasts. As it contains calcium and manganese, it is a very effective ingredient for bone development.

7) Beneficial for skin and hair The alpha hydroxy component of Ruibus tea protects skin cells from damage and strengthens the skin, as well as applying this tea extract to the hair makes the hair very healthy.

8) Weight loss will be followed by calorie intake, which can be used as a healthy beverage for weight loss. Studies have shown that the anti-oxidants in this tea help reduce stress hormones and increase hunger levels.

9) Preventing Diabetes Studies have shown that Rubis tea helps people with diabetes control their blood sugar levels and protects them from the risk of various complications.

Red Tea Side Effects There are no serious side effects in that sense of Rubis Tea or Red Tea. However, if you have liver or kidney disease or are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, you should consult a doctor before drinking this tea.

Liquor Tea: Benefits, Nutrition and Risks? Add 1 teaspoon of ruibus tea with 2 cups of boiling hot water. Hold for 5 minutes and add a few drops of honey to taste. Then strain it and drink it. How many times a day should I drink? According to expert advice, you can drink 8 cups of tea a day to get all the benefits of staying healthy. You can eat this tea with cold food.

Eat watermelon to keep yourself healthy during pregnancy, see its benefits

Eat watermelon to keep yourself sound during pregnancy, see its advantages 

Pregnancy is a significant piece of each lady's life. As of now, all pregnant ladies should watch out for their eating routine. During this period undesirable eating regimen badly affects mother and infant. So as of now the guidelines ought to be followed. A reasonable eating regimen during pregnancy, just as an assortment of nourishments, must incorporate an assortment of natural products. It is important to counsel a specialist to think about the significance of the organic product. Nonetheless, as per specialists, it is imperative to eat watermelon during pregnancy. This water-rich watermelon is plentiful in nutrients, for example, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B Complex, Magnesium and Potassium. Additionally, watermelon is a perfect and sound nourishment for pregnant ladies as it contains a great deal of fiber. Yet, how about we discover what are the medical advantages of watermelon for pregnant ladies. 

1) Most ladies experience the ill effects of queasiness in the initial barely any long periods of pregnancy by controlling morning affliction. It can occur whenever for the duration of the day. Therefore, there is a repugnance for food. Watermelon is exceptionally valuable to soothe this distress. Subsequent to eating a little toward the beginning of the day and drinking a bit of watermelon or a glass of juice, the body comes back to newness. Notwithstanding physical sustenance, it is an extremely solid food. So watermelon is significant as the main supper of the day for a pregnant lady. 

2) Dehydration is another normal issue related with viable pregnancy against lack of hydration. It can cause different intricacies during pregnancy. For example, weakness, lethargy, absence of physical quality, and so forth. The watermelon natural product, which comprises of 90% water, is especially compelling in controlling lack of hydration. Particularly in summer, pregnant ladies need to eat watermelon consistently. 

3) To forestall edema or expanding, pregnant ladies frequently have indications of growing of the hands and feet, which is known as edema. Edema is when there is an irregular aggregation of liquid in specific tissues of the body because of sickliness. This growing or edema is a typical issue in pregnancy. Watermelon loaded with water viably fixes the obstructions framed in the muscles and veins and calms edema. 

4) Hormonal changes happen in the body during pregnancy by going about as an acid neutralizer. These progressions carry some inconvenience to pregnant ladies. Which brings about loss of craving. What's more, acid reflux is brought about by not eating for quite a while or because of stomach related issues. So you can cut watermelon and eat it in the wake of eating a little as of now. It expands processing and mitigates causticity or acid reflux. Along these lines, in the event that you ever experience the ill effects of stomach related issues, at that point take this delectable watermelon legitimately. 

5) Detoxifying the body Watermelon has diuretic properties that help the body discharge poisons and lessen uric corrosive in the body. These properties of watermelon help keep the liver and kidneys dynamic during pregnancy. It likewise assists with expanding the SPF of the skin. 

6) Increases resistance Illness during pregnancy can be very awkward for the pregnant mother. Right now, the degree of resistance of pregnant ladies diminishes. Accordingly, different physical issues emerge right now. The red piece of watermelon contains a ground-breaking hostile to oxidant called lycopene which expands the degree of resistance. It is additionally plentiful in nutrients and minerals that expansion the body's protection from illness. 

7) Constipation is dispensed with Constipation during pregnancy is another regular event. During this time some sound characteristic options are referenced as opposed to offering meds to lessen clogging in pregnant ladies. In this way, you can eat watermelon to calm obstruction. This is on the grounds that the fiber substance of watermelon helps in the arrangement of excrement and aides in taking out stomach issues. So it is significant for pregnant ladies to eat watermelon consistently. 
8) Helps in the development of fetal bones Another significant explanation behind pregnant ladies to eat watermelon is that it helps in the arrangement of bones and teeth in the unborn child. Watermelon contains a ton of calcium and potassium which helps in legitimate bone improvement of the embryo.


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Malignancy is a sort of ailment brought about by the anomalous circulation of unusual cells in any piece of the body. Dangerous insusceptible components are generally normal in the significant organs, for example, lungs, bosoms, guts, skin, mid-region, pancreas or bones and furthermore in spots, for example, nasal sinuses, testicles, ovaries, lips or tongues. Cancer can additionally happen in the blood and lymph framework. Medical procedure is the most widely recognized type of treatment, regularly in mix with radiation treatment and chemotherapy including the utilization of hostile to malignant growth drugs.





The crown of the god is the extraordinary plant of the New Guinea papua and is firmly suggested that individuals can affirm about the supernatural occurrence recuperating intensity of this plant. The Javanese doctor hides this during his age yet today the plant is broadly utilized as a medication in another nation The creator was acquainted with this plant in Sabah, Malaysia and local people named it Crown of God which implies the Crown of God's Crown. This plant grows 1-6 meter high with leaves formed like an initiate (lanseolat) normal that is masterminded inverse to one another. white looking like a pipe shows up in four of its hubs (discover focuses). The natural product is round or oval with a measurement of around 3-4 cm.The product of the organic product is green before ready and red when ready totally. Researchers have recognized that these plants have values The accompanying drugs: cell reinforcements, mitigating and xylotoxicity.


The crown of the deer is cut into meager cuts and dried in the sun for a day. Take 5 grams of dried products of the soil in a compartment, include 250 ml of water and bubble it for tea. In the beginning times of disease, it is adequate to simply drink the tea for seven days. Be that as it may, in extreme or late levels, the tea ought to be flushed for a month. In the event that no organic product, the leaves can be utilized.

Other Medical Uses

The issue of weakness


Diabetes mellitus


Coronary illness

Kidney issue

Skin inflammation

Wind stroke


Skin infection


A sleeping disorder

Influenza fever


Bladder issues




Hyperkolesterolemia (elevated cholesterol in the blood)



Blockage is where gut or inside release is troublesome and doesn't happen all the time. Other stoppage side effects incorporate migraine, covered tongue, exhaustion, awful breath, mental melancholy and mental corruption. Administrative and comfort in water release greater is a higher priority than its recurrence. Complexities are normally not considered destructive except if it comes out of nowhere and tirelessly for grown-ups more than forty years. The most widely recognized reason for clogging is the absence of sufficient fiber in the eating routine and absence of liquids or absence of drinking water.




Fire is a yearly plant having a place with a group of plants, violaceae. This plant is broadly developed in plant as elaborate plants. Emptied leaves have praise formed leaves of applaud to leaf molded like points (lanseolat) Each one and have three hues followed by little case seeds. Through the strategy of (hybridization) and tissue culture, numerous new sorts and hues have developed.


Stewed water from refined pesteed plants is completely working against clogging. For the most part, the system is to utilize 10-20 grams of leaves in a single liter of water. Drink 3-4 cups every day.

Other Medical Uses

Mitigate torment

Advance progression of pee

Help Remove Flegma

Wounds mending

Skin Problems




Urinary tract issues

Yellow Disease



Piss Night

Grumbling grievance







Most toothache is brought about by dental caries (tooth rot), yet tooth that splits or profound and non-cushioned dental cleanliness can likewise cause aggravation and gum infection and toothache. In some cases toothache can be brought about by sinusitis, which is moved to molar or to little molars.




Clove trees have a place with the group of plants, Myrtaceae and are accepted to originate from Moluccas in Indonesia, yet are presently developed in some other tropical locales. This fragrant smell develops at a height of 8-13 meters and has an oval leaf opposite. The leaves are red and white when full grown, yet for the most part collected before the blossom is open.This bloom is dried in the sun, and the yellowish buds turn dim earthy colored. Dry leaves, which are a little more than a centimeter long, are utilized as flavors in Asian cooking. The organic product is berry which is seeded a couple.


Clove is a typical medication from a kitchen that can carry incredible help to somebody who has a toothache. What you have to do is take two dried cloves, as can be acquired in the market, and leave the cloves and even over the pit and around the harmed tooth. On the off chance that you gulped a little glue it doesn't make a difference at all in light of the fact that the cloves are a typical zest that has been utilized for a long time. On the off chance that cloves can be gotten in the market, keep the cloves in your emergency treatment box. A few people utilize 1/2 teaspoon of regular salt with clove powders to get an enchanted alleviation from torment.

Other Medical Uses

Helps assimilation

Forestall sickness and heaving

Eliminate microscopic organisms

Assuage torment

Expel gas from the stomach and digestion tracts

Sterilization for the mouth

Muscle cramps

Throat disturbance



Stomach torment (stomach torment) can be one of the side effects related with impermanent scatters or genuine sickness. Making a definitive analysis of stomach torment causes can be troublesome the greatest number of infections can cause these manifestations. Stomach torment is a typical issue. Visit the reason is because of destructive reasons and/or recuperation with their own, yet a progressively genuine stomachache may require quick treatment.




Fennel is a plant two times per year. It has a thick underground base. The dot is strong, growing up to 1 meter high, splendid green, smooth, expanded, and the leaves are separated into exceptionally fine fragments. The yellow will be yellow in the terminal umbel. The natural product comprises of a mix of two floor coverings, rectangular with ribs and has a lovely smell.


Sustenance of fennel seeds is a certain method to treat stomach torment (stomach torment).

Other Medical Uses

Advance pee stream

Dispose of the breeze from the stomach and digestive organs


Lactation (expanded milk creation for nursing moms)


Expel bodily fluid discharge from bronchial cylinders

Reinforce and solid stomach

Forestall or fix muscle cramps

Intestinal issues

Material worm infection



Truly hurtful substances, for example, modern synthetic substances, pesticides, herbicides and overwhelming metals like lead, cadmium and mercury exist wherever in our condition. For instance, numerous individuals in industrialized nations convey "loads leaderboards "in their bodies. These poisonous substances can meddle with the cell procedure and lead to an assortment of wellbeing issue. For instance, a few kinds of wellbeing issue. Body control, for example, various sclerosis has been related with substantial metal harming. Some cleaning strategies are regularly prompted by wellbeing professionals to purify the body from these substances. Intestinal entrail, fasting, blood purifying and lymph washing, all rehearsed. Home grown purging and purifying are a significant piece of the program. On account of intense harming brought about by poor food or other harming is it is suggested that you look for clinical consideration or contact your nearby specialist to get guidance. As the intense side effect passes, home grown cleansers and defenders can be utilized for half a month to help expel any harmful waste.




Cajanus cajan (pea dal) is like cajanus indicus, additionally given different names, for example, Red Gram, Pigeon Pea, Congo Pea and "Tur" by neighborhood individuals in many pieces of South Asia. This plant is typically developed and rich seeds with protein sources generally utilized in South Asia for the readiness of the "curry mongrel." This plant is a bush that grows up to 1.5-3 meters high with numerous branches. The leaves have three piny-followed leaves, as far as four long and lasolate. The yellow shading is average for Fabaceae relatives. Its green look is around 5-7.5 cm long, has fine fleece and ruddy purple stripes. The seed's size is practically similar to the size of the little pea.Cooking from nut beans blended in with water to make a glue and put on the face to fix the nut.


Stews of dried green beans or dried with seeds are arranged and tanked to manage harming.

Other Medical Uses

Expel worms from the body

Reestablish the lost inclination

Beginning period of disease

Fix mouth ulcers

Fix tumors

Fix bronchitis


Coronary illness



Draining or clog

Flatulens (gases in the stomach and gut)