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You must have these 7 medical gadgets at home


If you want to keep a record of your health, then you must have these 7 medical gadgets at home 

7 Medical Gadgets: Keep at Home to Track Your Health Record

In view of the increasing cases of corona, it is not possible to go to the hospital again and again to get your medical examination. That is why it is important to keep some such medical devices in the house, which you can use during a medical emergency.

These medical devices are important gadgets used in everyday life, with the help of which you can check oxygen level, temperature, pulse rate, etc. But before purchasing these health care devices, ask the doctor or medical professional once. Let us tell you about such medical gadgets, which help you in keeping a record of your health.

 1. Fingertip plus oximeter - to check oxygen level

Medical Gadgets

The corona-infected patient has to face a lot of difficulty in breathing due to the coronavirus. In such a situation, there must be an oximeter at home to monitor the oxygen level of the patient. With the help of this oximeter, you can measure the amount of oxygen flow in the blood along with the respiration rate.

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 2. Glucometer - to test sugar

Medical Gadgets

A diabetic patient does not need to go to the hospital, again and again, to get his sugar level checked. With the help of a glucometer, even by staying at home, patients can check their agar level in a few minutes whether the sugar is low or high.

3. Automatic electronic blood pressure monitor - to check blood pressure

Medical Gadgets

Due to changing lifestyles, bad eating habits, and lack of exercise, it is common for people to have problems with blood pressure. Someone's blood pressure is high and someone's low. That is why it is important that blood pressure is monitored daily. For that, you need an automatic electronic blood pressure gadget that measures blood pressure. To measure BP, buy a device that shows pulse rate along with BP. But before buying, ask the doctor which blood pressure monitor will be right for you.

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4. Medical Alert System

Medical Gadgets

This alert system is very useful for the elderly. Especially when their health is poor. During a medical emergency, it is easier to find someone by dialing the phone and dialing the number, than by pressing a button and call someone for help. Before buying a medical alert system, ask a medical professional which alert system is good.

5. Pan relief device - to relieve pain

Medical gadgets

Nowadays there are devices available in the market, with the help of which you can get relief in pain, such as hot pads, massagers, nerve stimulators, etc. You can select the device according to your need.

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6. ECG Monitor Device- To track heartbeat

Medical Gadgets

ECG monitor device is very useful for people who have heart-related diseases. With the help of this portable ECG monitor, you can know the condition of your heart every day and keep a record of it. Record-keeping becomes an important source of information for the doctor.

7. Contactless Infrared Thermometer- To Check Temperature

Medical Gadgets

In view of the increasing cases of the corona, contactless infrared thermometers are now used everywhere in banks, offices, etc. Temperature is checked with the help of this thermometer. Due to the increasing infection of Corona, now people have started using this device even at home. Because there is a need to check the patient's temperature during home isolation.


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