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Covid Recovery Food Tips

Covid Recovery Food Tips

Covid Recovery Food Tips
 Covid Recovery Food Tips

 If you want to recover from corona fast, then include these foods and drinks, immunity will be strong, get rid of weakness

Corona Fast Recovery Tips, Home Isolation Tips for Covid Patient, Immunity Booster Foods & Drinks, Vitamin C, Protein: The way Corona cases are increasing in the country. In the same way, people are recovering very fast. In many reports, it has been claimed that in-home isolation, patients are recovering faster than in the hospital. However, symptoms like weakness and lethargy are more common in recovering patients. In such a situation, experts believe that to recover fast, patients will have to include some immunity-boosting foods and drinks in their diet, as well as take the right amount of protein and vitamins. So let's know in detail ...

Start the day with soaked almonds and raisins

According to health experts, keeping the almonds and raisins wet at night and consuming them in the morning provides energy to the body.

Eat oatmeal for breakfast

According to experts, the amount of calcium is found in oatmeal, which is helpful in keeping our weak digestive system healthy. People generally do not feel like eating properly after a corona. The amount of iron present in oatmeal is also helpful in increasing our metabolism.

Take jaggery and ghee after lunch

Jaggery is rich in iron magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B and C. At the same time, ghee contains abundant amounts of fatty acids and vitamins A and B. The calcium and vitamins present in both foods make the bones of patients strong and replenish energy in the body.

Eat khichdi at night

It has been considered a superfood. Which is full of protein. Especially vegetarian. For people, it is food full of nutrients. Actually, khichdi has a sufficient amount of fiber and antioxidants.

Take the amount of protein

In addition, the corona patient should increase the amount of protein. Which is found in curd, cheese, boiled eggs, etc.

Reduce carbs

Actually, taking more carbs increases the pressure on the respiratory system. In this case, including vegetables, milk, pulses, etc. in your diet instead.

Consume omega 3 fatty acids

It works to increase immunity as well as reduces inflammation which is also found in coconut oil, rice bran oil, olive oil or butter, and fish.

Vitamin C Fruits

Eat oranges, Kiwi, Pineapple, Lemon, Amla, Watermelon, Mango, and other fruits that are found in plenty of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is usually found only in citrus fruits, so there can be no better product to strengthen your immunity in the corona period.

Minerals / Vitamins

Corona patients are asked to consume vitamins and minerals in their diet from Day First. In such a situation, having a diet containing these nutrients helps in recovering from infection quickly.

Probiotic foods

Actually, probiotic foods make good bacteria in the body. Which is helpful in fighting bad bacteria or germs present in the body. It is found in other types of food like curd, paneer, idli.

Do not let the lack of liquid and salt in the body

For this, you should take some such foods and diet, the amount of liquid and salt is found. Such as coconut water, lemonade, etc.


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