Sunday, October 16, 2022

Homeopathy Medicine for Coronavirus: Homeopathy is effective in preventing and treating coronavirus infections.

 Homeopathy Medicine for Coronavirus: Homeopathy is effective in preventing and treating coronavirus infections.

Homeopathy Medicine for Coronavirus. insight of the corona epidemic, the AYUSH department of the Madhya Pradesh government has now given an exemption for treatment with homeopathic medicines.

For this, an inventory of normal corona symptoms and medicines for asymptomatic patients has been issued which may be crazy the recommendation of a doctor.

Member of the Scientific planning board of the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, and Senior Homeopath Dr. AK Dwivedi said that till now only allopathic medicines were recognized within the treatment of corona, but now the govt has also allowed treatment with homeopathic medicines on the idea of symptoms.

The AYUSH department has issued guidelines for this. The treatment of patients with symptoms and patients without symptoms is going to be different.

Homeopath Dr. Reena Gangarade says that last year also guidelines were issued by the Ministry of AYUSH for the treatment of Corona. Under this also medicines got to the infected and symptomatic persons. Good results were seen. Last time drugs for the prevention and treatment of corona infection were distributed through the Sanjeevani app. Complete data were collected in it. Not only in India, in many countries, but the names of the medicines issued by the AYUSH department also are getting used. Immunity is often improved with homeopathic medicines.

This is the rule of the AYUSH department

To prevent corona, take 5 tablets of arsenic album 30 within the morning for 3 days it's to be taken again after one month. They are often taken by people of all ages.

Asymptomatic covid

Five tablets of Arsenic Album 200, Bryonia 200, Camphora 200 for 3 days within the morning.

In mild symptoms

Arsenic Album 30/200, Eupatorium Parf 30/200, Gelsemium 30/200, Bryonia 30/200, Mystery Tax 30/200, Froome Foss 6X, Ars Iod 30, Kali Moore. Take them only with medical advice.

In moderate symptoms

Arsenic Album 30/200, Eupatorium Paraf 30/200, Galcemium 30/200, Bryonia 30/200, Mystery Tax 30/200, Phosphorus 30/200, Frome Phos 6X, Camphora 30/200, Chininum Ars 30/200, Ipecac 30/200, Belladonna 30/200, Antimonium Tart 30/200 Take medical advice supported symptoms.



EYE CARE TIPS: If water is coming out of the eyes in this season,

then take care in this way.



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