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Include these fiber-rich food in breakfast to reduce high Uric acid, take these measures empty stomach

 Include this fiber-rich food in breakfast to reduce high Uric acid, take these measures empty stomach

How to control High Uric Acid, home remedies, foods, diet chart, symptoms, treatment, causes, yoga: Most of the time, an increase in high Uric Acid levels leads to a kidney filter rate It becomes weak. This is the reason that it converts into uric acid and reaches between bones. Which can cause high uric acid side effects. However, this can be corrected in time. For this, you will need a slight change in your diet and a high uric acid lifestyle. Apart from high fiber foods for uric acid, you should make the following changes before breakfast ...

According to the report published, the following causes of high uric acid increase can be (causes of uric acid).

Diuretic drugs

Drink too much

Inherited disease


Vitamin B3


High purine-rich foods (liver, meat, gravy, dried beans, and other foods including peas, mushrooms)

Kidney failure

Rapid release of blood cells due to some cancers or due to chemotherapy


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How to control uric acid

Include these high fiber foods for breakfast

Several studies have shown that high uric acid patients should consume high-fiber food. Doctors also believe that by taking a breakfast high fiber diet in the morning, the whole of the stomach material comes out of the body through the feces. Due to which the level of uric acid is maintained in the body. You can eat apples, oranges, celery, carrots, lee, cucumbers, peas, and barley, etc. in high fiber foods.

Chew flaxseed seeds on an empty stomach and eat

Apart from this, eating linseed seeds also gives a lot of relief to the patient of uric acid. According to experts, it should be chewed and eaten. Which helps in controlling uric acid. It can also be consumed in the morning before breakfast.

Take lemonade before breakfast

Patients whose uric acid report is increasing again and again. Nimbu-water intake is the best solution for them. According to experts, drinking a mixture of lukewarm water and lemon on an empty stomach just before breakfast also works to reduce uric levels.

Take these foods rich in vitamin C for breakfast

Food containing vitamin C is necessary in the corona period as well as it is beneficial in many cases. Some vitamin C-rich foods like kiwi, amla, orange, lemon, guava, kiwi, tomato, and other green leafy vegetables can be reduced to a great extent by reducing uric acid levels. Therefore, it is necessary to consume such a diet for breakfast.

Drink these foods at breakfast or before

Apart from this, the level of uric acid can be reduced by the consumption of many common foods like low-fat milk yogurt, fresh vegetable juice, French beans, and apple vinegar.

These four yoga poses before breakfast are also beneficial

Apart from this, some yoga-like Vrksasana, Bhujangasana, Uttrasana, and Kapotasana should be included in your routine. By doing this, uric acid can be controlled.


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