Saturday, October 15, 2022

New Crisis: Yellow Fungus Knocks After Black and White

New Crisis: Yellow Fungus Knocks After Black and White

New Crisis: Yellow Fungus Knocks After Black and White
 New Crisis: Yellow Fungus Knocks After Black and White

The Corona infection, black fungus, and white fungus were not yet relieved that the new threat called Yellow Fungus had knocked. The first patient of Yellow Fungus has been confirmed in Ghaziabad.

Yellow fungus has now been confirmed in a patient from Ghaziabad after black and white fungus. The treating doctor, BP Tyagi, said that the 45-year-old patient was previously corona infected and is also suffering from diabetes.

Cleansing was going on in the OT to treat black fungus, during the investigation, it was found that the patients were also infected with yellow fungus. Currently, the patient's condition is improving. It was reported that the disease is called Mucor Skeptics.

Let me tell you that this case of Yellow Fungus has increased the concern of the doctors. According to doctors, it can be more dangerous than black and white fungus. It can be dangerous to such an extent that it can also prove fatal for the patient.

The doctor said that till now it was found in creatures like Yellow Fungus Lizard and Chameleon. Not only this, the rope that causes this fungus does not survive, so it is considered very dangerous and fatal. This fungus has been found in a human being for the first time.

According to the doctor, the yellow fungus is caused by dirt. This fungus is commonly found on the ground. An organism such as lizard and chameleon has low immunity, it affects it and weakens and becomes life-threatening. Doctors speculate that due to corona, now the immunity of humans is weakening, so this fungus is engulfing them.

Symptoms of yellow fungus

- Nasal congestion.

Numbness of body parts.

- lethargy and pain in the body.

- Too much weakness in the body.

- Increased heart rate.

- Bleeding pus from wounds in the body.

- The body looks malnourished.


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