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Immediately Change Your Toothbrush If You Have Recovered From Corona

 Immediately change your Toothbrush if you have recovered from Corona infection

Change Your Toothbrush If You Have Recovered From Corona
Change Your Toothbrush If You Have Recovered From Corona 

otherwise, it may be infected again! Know what is the opinion of experts

Change Toothbrush After Covid Recovery, How To Disinfect Toothbrush From Covid, Health News Today, Corona Se Bachne Ke Upay: It is advisable to replace a toothbrush in the growing cases of the corona. Yes! Experts believe that infected people who are healthy with corona need to change their toothbrushes. Failure to try to do so increases the danger of re-infection. So let's know what this report says ...

Actually, coronavirus in India is infecting people at an alarming rate. Many such people have been re-infected who have been in the past or have taken the Corona vaccine. In such a situation where there is talk of the third wave in the country, people need to take special care.

A toothbrush can be infected again

Dentists say that all such people who were recently infected with Corona should change their toothbrushes immediately. Not doing so can infect them again. According to doctors, your toothbrush can not only infect you again but your family members can also be harmed by it. Actually, most people use common washrooms.

Changing the tongue cleaner is also necessary

According to a report published in India Today, Dr. Praveen Mehra, HOD dentistry of Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, says that not only toothbrushes but tongue cleaners, etc. should also be changed.

Change toothbrush and tongue cleaner after what percentage days after symptoms appear

According to Dr. Bhumika Madan, we should change our toothbrush and tongue cleaner after 20 days of getting symptoms. He also told that the best way to eliminate viruses or bacteria hidden in the mouth is to rinse with some amount of salt with warm water. Many types of mouthwash and Betadine Gargle are also available in the market for this.

The virus infects the surrounding surface by coming out of the infected person.

Actually, according to the World Health Organization, small drops of the virus come out of the infected person's mouth through coughs, sneezes, etc., and contaminate the surrounding surfaces.


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