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Be aware stay healthy


Be aware stay healthy

The exchange of misinformation is on the rise with Corona infection. People are confused and worried about one misinformation after another on social media. Remember, misinformation is as contagious and frightening as epilepsy. So you need to understand what Corona should be aware of and what you should avoid. For the questions that seem to be peeking out about Corona, I will also get the answers from the experts.

Are the symptoms of corona changing?

Dr. doctor of medicine. Arunanshu Talukder said, "Most of the patients are losing their taste and smell this time. Stomach upset is also more than the previous time. Her eyes are red with conjunctivitis. Rather, the symptoms of cold and cough are less than before. And there was a pain in the body and hands before, this time too. The fever lasts for about a day. After that, it is decreasing. What is happening with him this time is a respiratory infection. That is why the lack of oxygen is more noticeable. The prone position is helpful in reducing shortness of breath. Taking deep breathing in this position increases oxygen saturation by 6-7 percent. However, if the oxygen saturation falls below 94, consult a doctor without delay. '' You can keep an oximeter at hand to measure the oxygen saturation level.

Doesn't the cloth mask work?

The N95 mask is the most effective. If you wear a surgical mask, you have to wear it in double layers. And if you can wear a face shield on top of the mask, you will get the most protection. Because even if there is a mask on the face, many times the hand goes to the eyes or the surface of the face. If you wear a face shield, you will see that the tendency to put your hand on your face will be reduced a lot. Doctors are advising to wear a face shield over the mask while going out for work.

How long is the isolation period for corona patients?

Covid patients are usually hospitalized for ten days. He will have to stay apart for another 10 days after returning home. If he stays apart for a total of 21 days, then the rest of the family will be much safer. However, according to the condition of the Kovid patient, it is important to consult a doctor in this regard.

Do you need a test if you do not recover at home?

After being infected with corona, many are recovering from home treatment. Do they need any follow-up later? Soumitra Ghosh, head of the medicine department at SSKM Hospital and nodal officer of the state's Kovid monitoring team, said, "We need to understand the nature of the virus. After the virus enters the body, it is misleading the immune system. This is creating a cytokine storm, which is causing problems. Repeat testing is not required after mild or moderate covid patients. He will have to stay in home isolation for 18 to 21 days. This is how a safe zone can be created. But those who are severely affected or have any disease i.e. cancer or HIV need follow-up. Especially those who take immunosuppressive drugs need a follow-up or a checkup. ”This indicates whether the body is inflamed or damaged after being infected with the virus.

Can antidote be taken during pregnancy?

Is it safe for pregnant women to take antidote? The question is also raised. At a news conference, Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, said: There was nothing to worry about. About 35,000 women, seven to nine months pregnant, have been tested. There is no harm to the mother or the child with the vaccine. ”However, before taking the vaccine during pregnancy, every pregnant woman should consult her doctor according to her physical condition. All expectant mothers who have not been vaccinated must be very careful. Stay away from others in the family and must wear a mask and sanitize your hands.

If you are overweight, what is the risk of coronary heart disease?

If you have high blood pressure and diabetes, you are in the high-risk category. "The higher the weight, the higher the risk. If even 20 percent of their lungs are damaged by the virus, they have trouble breathing. The prone positioning of obese patients cannot be done properly. As a result, their mortality rate is much higher, ”said Soumitra Ghosh.

Does camphor reduce shortness of breath?

Due to all these misconceptions about hyperthyroidism, the initial golden period of treatment is often ruined. If you are affected by corona and shortness of breath, it is important to consult a doctor immediately, said Dr. Soumitra Ghosh.

Whatever you do

Many people are not panicking but are buying paracetamol and vitamin C and storing them at home. Oxygen storage is also not uncommon. The patient who really needs medicine, but he is not getting medicine, oxygen, or even if he gets a lot of time is wasted. Now, as a socialized being, every citizen should fulfill his / her responsibilities, urges the doctors. Wear a mask, follow the distance rules. And don't create an artificial shortage in the market by buying and stocking unnecessary medicines or corona patients.

If you find any information on social media, do not share it without verifying its authenticity. Misinformation in this emergency but can push people to death.


Dr. Arunanshu Talukder says, "Remember, 90 to 92 percent of the patients affected by corona are recovering from home if they follow the doctor's advice." But the number is not small. '' So do not panic unnecessarily. Give those who really need treatment a chance. And get everyone vaccinated in time.

The vaccination process has started. Register your name for it. Physicians


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