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Do you know the easy ways to get rid of heartburn?

Do you know the easy ways to get rid of heartburn?
Get rid of heartburn

Do you know the easy ways to get rid of heartburn?

Suffering From Heartburn And Heartburn Problems! That is, there is the issue of heartburn. The problem of acid reflux only occurs when the acid in the stomach moves to the esophagus.

There are usually no symptoms of acid reflux. But health expert Luke Coutinho shared two quick ways to get rid of it in his Instagram post.

This requires kitchen spices. This will completely eliminate anger and resentment.

Quick ways to reduce heartburn:

Need some jojoba seeds, fennel seeds, and warm water. Joan and fennel have long been used as a means of digestion.

Ioannina has a considerable amount of thyme. This ajwain secretes gastric juice from the stomach, which helps digestion. Joan has been used in digestive production many times.

You can also chew fennel and boil in a cup of hot water. Fennel contains anthocyanins and estrogens, which have mitigating properties.

Luke Coutinho says fennel and ajwain boil together in hot water. Bring the mixture to a boil in half, consume after it cools down, you will certainly get relief from heartburn.

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