Monday, May 10, 2021

Covid-19 Testing: Now bees will sniff out corona infection in seconds!

Covid-19 Testing: Now bees will sniff out corona infection in seconds!

Covid-19 Testing: Ever since the coronavirus began to wreak havoc, scientists have been working day and night on ways to quickly detect this deadly disease. One such unique method has been brought to the scientists of the Netherlands. He claims that with the help of bees, Kovid-19 infection can be detected in a few seconds.

Scientists claimed in a special test that the bees would detect the association Kovid-19. Whenever they are exposed to infected samples or bees, they will let their tongue out, which means that the sample is positive. According to the researchers, help can be drawn from the ability of animals to detect Kovid-19 infection.

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This is how to train bees were done

Scientists in the Netherlands train bees to detect Kovid-19 by odor. More than 150 bees were included in the research. For this, scientists used a solution of sugar and water. Bees were trained to give this solution to bees. Corona-infected mink odor was used for this.

When a person is infected with Kovid-19, the smell of its body fluids changes slightly compared to those not infected. When a healthy man's sample was placed in front of the flies, they were not rewarded in return. In this way, the bees started recognizing the samples of the covid within seconds.


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Have dogs also been identified as Corona?

Experts have trained dogs to distinguish between negative and positive samples of viruses. Small-scale research conducted in Germany has shown that dogs can identify corona-positive samples. This is because the metabolic variation of the coronavirus slightly changes the odor of the infected person's fluids compared to non-infected individuals.

Although such tests may not completely replace the commonly performed Kovid-19 tests, such methods can be used in places where there are no high-tech labs.


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