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9 Best Weight Loss Apps

9 Best Weight Loss Apps

Even after following a rigorous exercise plan and a rigorous diet plan in the gym, if you are not losing weight, do not have to be disappointed… just need, weight loss apps on your smartphone To download. These apps will not only keep a close eye on your weight and diet but will also give information about the calories you are consuming.

Lose It! (Lose it!)

The main purpose of this app is to keep a close watch on your diet during weight loss. Lose it! With the help of this, you can easily achieve your age, weight, and fitness-related goals. After downloading this app, you have to type your current weight in it. 

You have to write how much weight you want to lose. After this, the app will tell you how many calories you need per day to achieve your goal. The specialty of this app is that through the barcode of the food product provided in it, you can know which nutrients are in it and how many calories are there in that food.

Weight Watchers

In this app, you will easily find countless options to lose weight and then maintain it. In fact, this app gives maximum 'points' to the sugar, calories, and saturated fat-based foods you consume, so that you can reduce your calorie intake to a minimum. 

The specialty of Weight Watchers is that this app gives points to the foods included in your diet chart keeping in mind your individual weight loss goals so that you do not eat foods that increase your weight. In this app also you can get information about the nutrients included in the food with the help of a barcode.


This app not only shows your daily calorie intake on your smartphone but also shows the average monthly calorie intake. You can monitor your weight after logging your food chart in FatSecret. The specialty of this app is that you can chat with other members of your FatSecret community using the chat feature. This app has a huge collection of healthy recipes, which you can save. Apart from this, in this app, you will also get tips, articles, and information related to weight loss.

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If you are upset with your increased weight and want to lose weight, then Health out will be very helpful for you. By downloading this app, you can make your weight loss goal easier and choose the best food for yourself. This app is very useful for those people who want to know about diet-related food or who are allergic to any particular food.


Through this weight loss app, you can know whether the food you are eating is suitable for you or not. How many calories and fats are there in that food, which do not allow you to lose weight. After getting this information through this app, you will stay away from those foods, which can increase your weight. For this, you have to enter the barcode of that food product. All the information related to calories will come to your smartphone immediately.

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In this app, the user has to log in through the trekking tool to get information related to daily meals, exercise, and weight. The nutritional database of this app is huge, which lists more than three lakh food items. This app also has a barcode scanner, so that you can track the nutritional value of food. While signing this app, you will also get demo photos of the exercises and their details, so that you can know which technique you have to use during the exercise.


Once downloaded to your smartphone, MyFitnessPal keeps a complete record of your weight, height, diet, and weight loss goals. Apart from this, it also gives alerts from time to time not to eat high-calorie food. Along with the diet plan, this app also motivates you to exercise. If you do not feel like eating home-cooked food during weight loss, then with the help of the MyFitnessPal app, you can know about the nutritional elements of the food available in restaurants near your area.


Ideal weight

This app calculates your body mass index (BMI) and provides information about how much your ideal weight should be. After knowing the ideal weight, you can do an exercise and diet plan as per your wish. You can also add your height, age, and other factors to this app.


In this app, you will not only get new fitness tips, but you will also get information and articles about diet plans and food-related things to lose weight. The peculiarity of this app is that you can interestingly get information through slide shows and videos.


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