Sunday, October 16, 2022

Bringing Up A Baby Balancing Discipline And Love

I think the most important thing in caring for a child is that love is something that very few people would disagree with. 

Apart from the obvious need for sustenance to survive, love manifests itself according to the needs of the child and continues from childhood to adolescence. Most teens would not agree; Most of the children struggle to express it and children are unable to express it. However, children of any age need love.

Discipline is another factor when raising a child; An understanding level of discipline that will benefit the child throughout his or her adult life. As a child gets older, discipline becomes more difficult to exercise, in direct proportion to the child's ability to express himself in a loud voice. In fact, disciplining a child can be a bit difficult, as it is a more subtle and less obvious process.

A teen who ignores your 10 a.m. curfew is a serious disciplinary issue. For some, a one-year-old crying, because they are being pulled from their toys to bathe and sleep, is not even about discipline and they can't even think about it. They love the baby, want to keep him happy, and, despite knowing the baby to sleep, feel bad for him and put him back with his toys.

Does the child need discipline?

Discipline with the child is usually about the boundaries of scrutiny; What are they allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. If they don't like the answer, they protest and check again; And then if they give way to a boundary they are trying to break easily, it encourages them to go back and do it again.

If the boundaries remain constant, the uniform parent will quietly become unbalanced, the child or child eventually giving up. Discipline requires patience and perseverance, otherwise, the child will be confused; One day you will bow down to them and the next they will not learn what is acceptable and what is not.

In the example above, the child has successfully used tears to find their way against a parent's good judgment. Doubling bath and delaying bedtime. Initially, she won't sleep at the best time for herself, and she will become more tired and cry even louder on her next attempt to put him to bed. second, her success in stopping the bath will encourage her next time; He knows that screaming will get his way.

About a decade ago, when I was in the UK. A study was conducted on teenage children to find out what they need to make their lives happy and better. More than half said they actually wanted more discipline; Yes, "should".

In some western societies, discipline is allowed to decline, as a result of which adolescents experience a lack of discipline in their lives. However, statistics on undisciplined children don't allow your child to be second only.

Does the child need discipline? In my opinion, and based on my own experience, the answer is "yes".

Can love and discipline go hand in hand?

From a "second" parent's point of view, I would say that there is a mix of not only love and discipline but also mutual respect. Working from home, I was able to see my son for two years. I am always there to enforce "discipline" and get lots of love, affection, and hugs.

I believe that love is not only necessary for a happy child but also the most powerful weapon of a parent in terms of discipline. How is this possible? Threatening to take back your love if the child is naughty?

No, there is no need to threaten. Children need love and they worship their parents. You are mainly in his life. When they realize that you are not happy when they do something wrong, which will discipline them, they want you to be happy with them, appreciate them, and show them your love.

If a child's mischief is a threat to his ideal world, seeing the negative impact it has on you, the child will learn to take things back to the way where you are happy with them, appreciate them again and show your love. They won't just say sorry, they will say so because they really are. To that extent, discipline becomes a child's self-discipline if there is so much love in the house that he craves that love more than anything else.

I am not saying that disciplining any child is easy, but lovingly, the process can be relatively simple if you look at things from the child's perspective and understand that the child needs you from the heart. Be happy more than anything.


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