Saturday, October 15, 2022

Covid19: To increase Immunity, The Government Has Issued A Diet Plan


Covid19: To increase immunity, the government has issued a diet plan

Covid19: To increase Immunity, The Government Has Issued A Diet Plan
Covid19: To increase Immunity, The Government Has Issued A Diet Plan

Dark chocolate, turmeric milk is also included in the diet list (Government Has Suggested A Diet Plan Boost Natural Immunity: Dark Chocolate, Haldi Doodh in the list of foods)

Medical experts and doctors are repeatedly saying that the risk of corona increases due to the weakening of immunity, so if you want to avoid corona, then it is most important to have strong immunity. And to increase immunity, people are trying everything from yoga, pranayama to ayurvedic tips, decoction. Meanwhile, the government has also released a list of some diet plans to increase natural immunity.

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A basic diet plan has been recommended by the government through mygovindia. Twitter handle, which will help in building muscles and keeping energy levels right, along with better immunity. In this tweet, Kovid patients have been advised to take dark chocolate, turmeric milk, and a protein-rich diet.

According to official guidelines

- Corona patients should include whole grains such as ragi, oats in their diet.

Protein-rich food like chicken, fish, eggs, paneer, soya is also immunity booster food, must include them in the diet.

Apart from this, the government has also asked to eat healthy fats like walnuts, almonds, olive oil.

- Colorful fruits and vegetables have been recommended to be eaten five times a day for essential vitamins and minerals.

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- To remain stress-free and positive, dark chocolate has been asked to be eaten.

While it has been advised to drink turmeric milk once a day to increase immunity.

- Since corona patients do not smell nor taste anything. Apart from this, their appetite and ability to chew food are also lost. That's why they have been asked to eat soft food at short intervals.

Along with this, it has also been advised to eat amchur.

- It has also been said in the guideline that everyone should also do physical activities according to their ability.

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Yoga-Pranayama, breathing exercises will benefit you.

Significantly, India is troubled by the explosion of Covid at this time. Millions of Covid patients are being found every day. People are upset due to a lack of doctors, medical services, oxygen, and medicines. In such a situation, the government, administration, and medical experts are asking people to take all necessary precautions, appealing to follow the necessary guidelines. This diet plan is also a part of the same effort of the government.





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