Saturday, October 15, 2022

This Yogasana Increases The Oxygen Level, Know-How

             This yogasana increases the oxygen level, know-how

Coronavirus infection weakens the lungs, an important part of your body. While on one side in the coronary period, immunity has to be increased, on the other hand, your lungs, that is, lungs also have to be strengthened. And for this, it is most important to increase the level of oxygen inside the body. If there is less oxygen in your body, then it affects your immunity. In this condition, you can catch any virus on your body and make you infected.

This is a matter of concern but every problem is solved. If you keep your immunity and lungs strong, then you will not be able to touch any virus. You can increase the oxygen level at home by eating immunity-filled food and yoga.

Keep one more thing in mind, yoga should always be done in a ventilated room. Where there is a flow of sun and air. Corona patients should do yoga only after consulting the doctor.

Reverse the inverse

First of all, sit by hitting the quartet. After this, hold your right nostril with the right thumb and breathe in with the left nostril. Now close the nasal finger with the ring finger. After this, open the right nostril and exhale. Now breathe in from the right nostril and repeat the same process and exhale through the left nostril. For the second time, take the breath from the same nasal with which you are exhaling again and leave it from the other nasal.

Inhale the air

Air eating means eating air. Intentionally ingesting air from the throat into the food pipe. This air will return as an immediate burp. While swallowing air, the thrust is on the throat and through the food pipe, the air goes back to the stomach and returns again. It should be done according to the capacity for 5 to 10 minutes.


Makarasan is counted in rugs lying on the abdomen. In the last stage of this posture, the shape of our body looks like a crocodile, which is why it is called Makarasan. By this, the obstruction of the movement of breath ends and one feels peace.

There is so much difference between the two legs that it touches the ground. Keep the chest lifted from the ground. After making the scissors-like shape of both hands, keep the head in the middle. Respiratory breathing should be a natural state. It should be done according to the capacity for 5 to 10 minutes. This asana is done in many ways. You can also take a deep breath by lying down, keeping your elbow on the ground, and supporting the chin with your palm.

With this yoga, you can make your lungs strong. But with these, you have to follow the social distance and the guidelines given by the Government of India. So that the infection cannot reach you.

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