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How To Treat Corona Patients By Staying At Home?

How to treat corona patients by staying at home?

How To Treat Corona Patients By Staying At Home?
How To Treat Corona Patients By Staying At Home?

The second wave of Corona is taking its grip from the common man to big celebs. Day by day the infection of the corona is spreading rapidly. In case of severe cases, the patient has to be admitted to the hospital, but if the corona symptoms are mild, it can be treated at home, ie the patient can win the war with the corona by doing home isolation himself.

There is no need to go to the hospital directly if you have a cold, cold, cough, body pain, throat infection. You can suffer from corona when you leave the house, again and again, so do not make the mistake of going to the hospital in a hurry.

But try to recover yourself as soon as possible by staying at home. Let's know-how?

Recognize these symptoms?

First of all, it is important to know whether the symptoms of corona are showing in the patient. How to know if a patient is Kovid-19 positive by staying at home? If-

Fever is coming frequently.

-have a persistent cough

- Trouble breathing

- Headache and headache

- fatigue

- There is no test in the food

- sore throat

If all these symptoms are seen, then quarantine the patient immediately and do a covid-19 test to confirm the corona.

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How to treat a patient while staying at home?

Home isolation

As soon as the symptoms of the virus appear in the patient, first of all, separate them by giving them a room in the house. Rooms should be ventilated. Until there is no medical emergency, do not let the patient come out of the room, even at home. During this time, ask the patient to keep a distance from the other members of the house. Let us tell you one important thing here that after coming in contact with a corona-infected person, 14 days of home isolation is necessary.

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How is the patient's room?

There should be good ventilation in the room in which the patients are isolated. Keep in mind, the patient has to stay in this room for 14 days, so it is important to ventilate the room so that it feels relaxed and good. Apart from this, keep in mind that while taking medicine and food, do not come in contact with the members of the household. Keep the patient's eating utensils, towels, and bedding separate. Do not share with anyone. Also, wear masks indoors during home isolation. Keep washing your hands, nose, and mouth with soap frequently.

During isolation

The patients should give their food in his room and keep their dinner utensils in the same room where he is isolated. Wash her utensils with a separate liquid soap or warm water. Wash the patient's clothes, bed sheets, pillows, and towels, etc. in a separate machine or by hand. Finally, soak the clothes in Dettol and dry them in the sun.

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Bathroom access

Give the corona-infected patient to use a separate bathroom at the time of home isolation. If there is no other washroom in the house, then after use by the patient, wash the washroom thoroughly with phenyl or Dettol. Try that infected patients use the bathroom at the end. By doing this, the risk of spreading the infection to the rest of the members is reduced.

Note the temperature

While in isolation, the patient should check his fever and oxygen levels twice a day. Check oxygen level with an oximeter. Oxygen level SpO2 rate should not be less than 94 percent. If the patient has a disease like BP, diabetes, etc., then continue them as per the doctor's advice

Drink plenty of water

As long as the patients are in isolation, they will have to take care of themselves. So it is important to drink plenty of water and eat liquid food to hydrate yourself. Drink hot water as much as possible.


When to contact a doctor?

During home isolation, if the patient's health is deteriorating ie there is difficulty in breathing with high fever, then go to the doctor immediately. So that the patient can get the right treatment immediately. Take special care that to get rid of the corona, do not take any medicine without the doctor's advice.

Eat-in diet

Provide simple and simple food to the patient. Eat seasonal, orange, and orange-rich fruits like fruits, lentils, beans, green vegetables, milk, etc., rich in vitamin C.


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