Thursday, October 13, 2022

It is important to be worry free

It is important to be worry free

7 days before the start of the period and 7 days after the start - these 14 days are the safest. The first or next few days are safe, but the risk increases little by little. The most unsafe time is from the 13th to the 16th day. But for those who want to have a baby, this is the best time.

And those who are ignorant, or new to physical intercourse, have not yet had enough experience, if you do not want to have a child, always use one or both protection. And the rest of the unsafe time will be completely off. Don't even meet at that time with protection.

Whether or not the baby came after the reunion - this is the best way to stay free from this worry.

And for those who are younger, if they first meet, or if they meet irregularly, later periods can sometimes be irregular. One of the main reasons for this is anxiety. Those who sleep regularly, eat on time, do a little physical work every day, their anxiety is less, their period is also regular.

So keep the lifestyle just right. Stay well physically and mentally. Then all is well.


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