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9 ways to reduce high blood pressure

9 ways to reduce high blood pressure
High blood pressure is called the silent killer. There are no important issues of high blood pressure. This increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. High blood pressure kills many people worldwide every year.

The risk of high blood pressure can be reduced by changing some habits in personal life. Here we will discuss the habits that can be changed to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Be active and exercise
Walk 30 minutes every day

Exercise works better than medicine to lower blood pressure. Exercise increases your respiratory rate, strengthens the heart and pumps easily with less exertion.

Exercise reduces your systolic and diastolic pressure. So doctors recommend exercising for at least 30 minutes every day to lower blood pressure. Know - the benefits of walking 30 minutes every day

In addition, you can reduce the effects of high blood pressure by performing daily household chores. In this case, you can choose to clean the house, wash the pots and pans, walk instead of car or rickshaw, cycle, play sports, etc. instead of going somewhere nearby.

If you are overweight, reduce it
If you are overweight, try to lose weight fast. If you can lose weight, your blood pressure will go down. As well as being free from other physical problems.

Eat foods rich in carbohydrates
Studies have shown that sugar-free and carbohydrate-rich foods reduce weight and help control blood pressure. So put carbohydrate rich foods on the food list instead of sugary foods.

Eat more potassium rich and sodium free foods
Salt contains a lot of sodium. And sodium raises blood pressure. Potassium, on the other hand, does two things at once.

It reduces the effects of salt from the body and reduces blood vessel tension. So you can eat yogurt, fish, banana, orange, sweet potato, tomato etc. as potassium rich food.

Refrain from taking processed foods
Large amounts of salt are usually used to preserve processed foods.

And since salt raises blood pressure, refrain from taking all these foods. Meat, chips, pizza, soup, etc. are some of the processed foods.

Avoid smoking
Quitting smoking is very good for overall health. Smoking immediately raises blood pressure and increases the risk of heart attack.

Moreover, the chemical toxins in tobacco can damage the blood vessels in the long run. As well as narrowing the arteries. So to stay free from other problems including blood pressure, smoking must be avoided.

Reduce excess stress
Extremely clever people cannot be happy
We are under stress most of the time due to various reasons like work, family, national, international etc. But reducing stress is very important to reduce blood pressure. So exercise regularly to reduce stress, read books and spend more time with family.

Moderate sleep
Getting enough sleep every day will keep your blood pressure normal. If you do not sleep well, it will affect your blood pressure. People who deal with sleep problems have a higher risk of high blood pressure.

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So set a schedule for a good night's sleep, exercise regularly and make the bedroom as comfortable as possible.

Refrain from drinking alcohol
Drinking alcohol raises blood pressure. Moreover it does much more damage to the body. So alcohol should be avoided.




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