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Eye Care Tips: If water is coming out of the eyes in this season, then take care in this way

 Summer season has come completely. In this season, hot winds and dusty soil blows fast, which has a direct effect on our eyes. In summer, the problem of the eyes is most disturbing.

The problem of itching and watery eyes is increasing due to hot winds and dust storms. In such a situation, carelessness with the eyes can be very harmful, so it is important to take special care of the eyes. Let us know what are the problems of the eyes during the summer season and how can they be overcome.

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Eye problems:

If there is swelling in the eyes or if something falls in the eyes, clean the eyes with cold water.

Eye Care TIPS The problem of itchy and watery eyes is increasing due to hot winds and dust storms. In such a situation, it is important to take special care of the eyes so that these problems can be overcome.

1- Eye irritation

2 - pain in the eyes

3- watery eyes

4. Itching in the eyes


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How to take care of eyes-

Clean with water several times a day:

In summer dust, dirt, sand particles move into the eyes, and we rub the eyes rapidly, causing damage to the eyes. In this season, clean the eyes with cold water as much as possible.

Keep eyes fully covered:

If you come out of the house in this season, then you should definitely use spectacles on your eyes. Use a larger frame of the eyeglass frame, so that the eyes are completely covered. The use of glasses will protect the eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Study in more light:

Always be in more light in the room during studies. Make your eyes checked once a year. Wear power glasses if you have problems with eyesight.

Diet is also necessary for the health of the eyes:

For good eye health, include green vegetables, seasonal fruits, milk and vitamin A rich food in your diet. This keeps the eyesight good.

Keep an eye on the screen for a long time, so please take care:

Working continuously at the computer can cause computer vision syndrome. To avoid this, use antiglare glasses and antiglare screens. After every half an hour, look away from the computer screen for 10 to 15 seconds so that the eyes can get a relay.

Take special care when you have dry eye syndrome:

Excessive use of computers can cause dry eye syndrome from AC and fan winds. Keep the room temperature low in case of problems like pricking, burning, dryness, itching in the eyes. An eye drop can also be used three to four times a day.

Intake of eye drops:

Use it only for one month after the eye drops are opened. Prolonged use of the remaining medicine can damage your eyes.

Take care of cleaning the eyes:

Do not use any other handkerchief or towel to clean the eyes. Cut cucumber on the eyes once a day, it will cool the eyes.

Get some sleep:

The eyes also need rest, so you must sleep for 7-8 hours to reduce eye fatigue.


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