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7 tips to create a sexual mindset in married life

7 tips to create a sexual mindset in married life

You two are tired. The children are asleep. You are not happy with your body weight. Or worried about the stress of office work.

Married couples (in long-term relationships) for various reasons, after the evening, the husband and wife are losing interest in each other, lying on the pillow or busy with the TV remote. But healthy sex is the main controller of marital relationship. Ignoring this issue can lead to immorality / alienation and even divorce.
Problem 01: About MONOTONOUS.

Solution: Ignite - Ignite.

When you are about for a long time, your life becomes a kind of routine. The human brain releases a chemical called dopamine, which carries our emotions to the pleasure cells of the brain. Dopamine increases a person's heart rate, stretches the eyeball. This dopamine is responsible for the heavenly feeling of flying butterflies in the belly of a newlywed couple.

As the days go by, the dopamine secretion decreases, so the feeling of that first love gradually decreases. In the long run, another chemical is released called oxytocin. As a result, the couple continues to feel extreme peace and security in each other's company. When a relationship breaks down, life becomes miserable. Moreover, oxytocin reduces the body's secretion of another substance called "cortisol". Cortisol is a stress hormone. So couples bound in a long-term relationship feel less stressed.

Dopamine always becomes overly sensitive when it comes to differentiating a new relationship while performing the same kind of feelings.

You can't change partners if I want to. So you can make other changes about the effects of dopamine. Such as - visiting different places when time allows, changing seats in the meeting, changing the time and place of the meeting (even occasional meeting in the kitchen or toilet).

Problem 02: There is a lot of work, I feel very tired.

Solution: Take a romantic break.

All the couples come from the long time of the day and in the middle of a lot of work till evening and no longer feel strong for a romantic night. Now is the time for change. You need to calculate what is important. Sexual intercourse is a necessary regulator for overall mental and physical well-being. So instead of always waiting for the darkness of the night, take some time for your husband / wife in the morning or at noon. You can call your wife at work all day. Can submit positive thoughts emotionally. Which will help keep you moving during the reunion.

Problem 03: Who is the person I am dating?

Solution: Rediscover each other - without any stress.

If you haven't had sex with your partner for some time - then his interest may seem like a forced request. So for a healthy sex life, you can tell each other what you want from each other by gestures before starting direct intercourse. Sexual thoughts are not so strong if the husband and wife do not have time for sweet memories. So you can plan something exciting at the end of the week. Doing the usual things like watching movies, going out to eat, etc. - you can take a Honda to a distant unfamiliar village or do some childish madness. You can come to a farmer's house as an uninvited guest and have lunch. You can come with some money in your hand when you come. But whatever you do - don't do it all the time. Men who give their wives housework and use it in a friendly way are more likely to enjoy dating.

Problem 04: You don't like the structure of your body.

Solution: Concentrate on what you like.

Keep up the good content. All human beings are born with some imperfection. No one is perfect! Try to find out what you like best. Try to be happy with what God has given you. But try to change all the things in your own hands. If you think you are a little overweight then you can join the gym. Don't look at your own negative aspects and praise the good aspects of "living with". Share all the things that make you great. On the other hand, he will also encourage you to say the beautiful aspects between you.

Problem 05: Sexual intercourse is painful.

Solution: Do not sew silently.

Many times you are not interested in reconciling emotionally. And your body is not giving in either. Reunion can be painful for many reasons. After the menstrual cycle is permanently stopped, that is, after the age of 50 to 56 years, the menstrual cycle is permanently stopped. So after this age the vagina may lose its normal moisture and become dry. This can cause pain during intercourse. Long-term family, so maybe you have the mentality of sewing pain in silence. In addition to this, there can be pain in the joints for various reasons. So it is better to discuss all these issues directly with your partner.

Problem 08: You are not interested in sex yet.

Solution: Identify the causes.

Reluctance to marry may not be due to age alone. There may be many other reasons associated with this. Such as -

Anxiety, fear, hormonal imbalances can also cause sexual reluctance.
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