Thursday, October 13, 2022

Exercise levels

Exercise levels

Exercise routines can be in many ways. Light exercise or heavy exercise, one by one. Research says that if you do heavy and light exercise at the same time, or if you do heavy exercise and rest, it is good for the body. It is possible to burn more calories; Again, if you exercise in this way, you will be able to have the patience of regular exercise. Let's learn how to do all kinds of exercises by changing the level of exercise repeatedly.

One minute maybe exercised at maximum strength. Or increased the speed. Rest for the next minute or exercise at a light pace. The next minute you exercise again with maximum strength, then the next minute you rest or light exercise again. If you exercise for 20 minutes in this way, the heavy exercise is 10 minutes; But the whole time is beneficial for you. Exercising in this way for 10 minutes at a tremendous amount of energy is more beneficial than exercising in this way.

Depending on your body's ability, you can increase or decrease the duration of this rest or light exercise. Even if you do not want to apply this method every day, you can exercise this rule one or two days a week. Running in the park, running on a treadmill or lifting weights, you can do this exercise in any exercise.

In this way, if you develop the habit of exercise, you will lose body fat as well as build muscle. Sleep is also good. However, care must be taken to increase or decrease the speed of the exercise so that it does not hurt. Warm up before exercise, cool down at the end of the exercise. In addition, those who have diabetes, heart disease or respiratory problems, they should not exercise in this way without the advice of a doctor.


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