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If you want to prevent diabetes, you can develop 10 habits
To prevent diabetes
Diabetes has been described as a silent killer. Currently, most of the middle-aged people are suffering from this disease. And this disease is usually caused by human indifference.

However, some daily habits can be developed to get rid of this disease. Here we will discuss what habits can be developed to get rid of diabetes.

What is diabetes?
Diabetes is a hormonal disease. It is usually called diabetes if the body does not produce enough insulin or if the insulin produced is not used properly. With the help of insulin, the body cells produce energy by taking glucose from the blood.

But if insulin is not produced or the insulin produced is not used, then the glucose level decreases or the glucose level continues to rise. As a result, various complications are created in the body and the limbs become crippled.

Below we will discuss in detail the habits that can be developed to get rid of this disease.

Drink coffee
Studies show that people who drink at least four cups of coffee a day have a 50 percent lower risk of developing diabetes. Because coffee contains some compounds that are very helpful in producing insulin. Read - The health benefits of coffee

Avoid sugary drinks
Drinking sugary drinks increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by 20 percent. So drink healthy drinks instead of sugary drinks.

Refrain from drinking alcohol
If you want to survive diabetes, you must refrain from drinking alcohol. One study found that those who drank alcohol occasionally had a 35 percent increased risk of developing diabetes.

Eat breakfast in the morning
A study published in The Journal of Nutrition in 2016 found that abstaining from breakfast one day a week increased the risk of developing diabetes by 6 percent.

And if you refrain from eating breakfast 7 days a week, the risk of diabetes increases by 56 percent. So if you want to prevent diabetes, you have to eat regular breakfast every morning.

Stress must be controlled
Stress affects our body in different ways. A scientific study published by the American Heart Association found that people who suffer from regular stress are twice as likely to develop diabetes.

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Watch less TV
Harmful light rays are emitted from the TV. Which causes severe damage to the body. Watching one hour of TV every day increases the risk of diabetes by 4 percent.

Use less mouthwash
Mouthwash is good for the gums, but it can also damage other parts of the body.

Studies show that people who use mouthwash twice a day have a 55 percent increased risk of both pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Exercise regularly
There is no substitute for exercise to stay healthy. People who exercise regularly have a 35 percent lower risk of developing diabetes.

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Eat more and more vegetables
Meat or other heavy foods increase the risk of diabetes. On the other hand, regular consumption of vegetables reduces the risk of diabetes by 25 percent.

Sleep regularly
To reduce the risk of diabetes, you need to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep regularly. Not getting enough sleep on a regular basis increases the risk of diabetes by 16%. Excessive sleep can also increase the risk of diabetes.

Consult a doctor regularly
Go to the doctor at least once a year and get the necessary tests done to make sure that the blood sugar level is normal.

Moreover, the main symptoms of type 2 diabetes are fatigue, blurred vision, frequent urination, etc. So if such symptoms appear, consult a doctor without delay.
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