Thursday, October 13, 2022

Mistakes that cannot be made during menstruation

Although many people have different views on menstruation or period, it is much healthier and more scientific to discuss this issue openly. There was ignorance among the girls about this while trying to hide. And that is why even though this physiological and natural process takes place every month, at that time women unknowingly make many mistakes. Which can be extremely harmful to the body.

Mistakes that cannot be made during menstruation
Let's take a look at the mistakes that most girls make during their periods.

1. Pain Relief Medication
In many cases, girls take various medicines to cure the pain or cramps that occur during the normal period. The steroids in these pain relief drugs or injections are extremely harmful to the body. Several medications can exacerbate rather than reduce the problem. And non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs will increase the risk of sudden heart attack in your body. Taking such drugs regularly can have serious effects on the kidneys and liver.

2. Do not change the pad for a long time
The longer you use a pad, the more bacteria will accumulate in it. Many people use the same sanitary napkin for a long time due to work pressure or negligence. It is extremely unhealthy for the body. Pads should be changed every 4-6 hours.
3. Use scented pads
It is normal for no one to like a pungent or pungent odor. However, it is not right to use scented sanitary napkins. Such chemical infections can spread, creating bacteria. Scented pads may contain some synthetic chemicals that can cause cancer.

4. Lack of adequate sleep
Insomnia occurs during periods in girls due to pain, cramping, hormonal imbalances and discomfort. Do not want to sleep. However, lack of adequate sleep at this particular time makes the body more ill. According to experts, the period is much easier and less difficult if you eat and sleep properly.

5. Exercise breaks
Most girls stop exercising daily when their period starts. During this time most people think that exercise is harmful to the body. However, experts say the exact opposite. The University of Maryland Medical Center says you should work out at least 30 minutes five days a week during menstruation. Exercising relieves stress and eliminates toxins through sweating, as well as eliminates problems such as pain and cramps. As a result, sleep is better.
6. Exclude tea and coffee
Due to physical problems like fatigue, lack of sleep, headaches during the period, the mind sometimes wants to drink coffee. However, telling the girls, at this time No coffee  This is because caffeine can dehydrate the body and cause damage to the body during this time. May increase headaches. The more you skip tea and coffee during menstruation, the less problems like tension, insomnia, anxiety will be.

7. Protected sex
The risk of bacterial infection in the vagina is highest during the period. Therefore, if you engage in intercourse during this time keeping in mind your own safety, if you do not remember the aspect of adequate protection, it can be fatal.

8. No more use of cloth
Many girls still use clothes during menstruation in villages, suburbs and even in cities. It is not healthy at all. So always use hygienic pads instead of cloth.


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