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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone Massage is a most loved of customers at numerous spas and salons. Accepted to go back to the old Egyptians, hot stone back rub is normally finished with smooth basalt. Some Massage advisors use oil for hot stone back rubs and some don't. Numerous spots sell home back rub units that component smooth stones, fragrant oils and point by point directions. Giving hot stone back rubs at home isn't troublesome as long as you ensure the stones don't get excessively hot. On the off chance that you can deal with them effectively, they are presumably a decent temperature for grown-up skin.

Stage 1

Wash your Massage stones completely in a bowl or sink loaded with water and 3 to 4 solid spurts of antibacterial cleanser. Wash them well.

Stage 2

Spot the stones in an electric moderate cooker or profound pan and fill it the remainder of the path with water.

Stage 3

Turn the warmth to low, and let the stones get ready for in any event 30 minutes. The stones ought to be no more sultry than 125 degrees Fahrenheit, or they will be excessively hot for you to deal with, and will consume the individual you are rubbing.

Stage 4

Have your individual untruth face down on a table or bed. They ought to be bare or wearing ragged underpants. Spread them with a spotless sheet or towel for humility and to shield them from getting cold.

Stage 5

Spot warm stones at the head of the left leg, in the focal point of the thigh, behind the knee and on the calf. Back rub the correct leg while the stones sit. A little Massage oil will enable your hands to move all the more easily over the skin.

Stage 6

Take the greatest Massage stone from the individual's left leg and slide it up his correct leg, from his heel to his base.

Stage 7

Spot warm stones on his correct leg, similarly as you did to his left side. Let them sit for 2 to 3 minutes and afterward rub that leg, getting done with the biggest stone, and the floating procedure.

Stage 8

Put one enormous stone on each side of his posterior. Allow them to sit, and afterward tenderly Massage the muscles, getting done with a huge stone.

Stage 9

Put warm stones on his neck, shoulders and lower back. Let them sit for 2 to 3 minutes and afterward rub the huge muscles of his back, getting done with the biggest stone. Have your subject turn over, and do his front side a similar way you did his back.


Never put warm stones all over or scalp, on the grounds that the skin there is progressively touchy to warm.


Back rub your subject's arms with your exposed hands, or with a skimming stone, in light of the fact that warm stones as a rule won't wait on somebody's arms.

Things You'll Need

Massage stones

Bowl or sink

Antibacterial cleanser

Electric moderate cooker or profound pan

Clean sheet or towel

 Oil (discretionary)


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