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Is it safe to play holi this time?

Is it safe to play Holi this time?

Holi is celebrated every year on full moon day. It is celebrated in the month of Fagun ie March. There is also a legend behind celebrating Holi. “In ancient times there was an asura named Hiranyakashyap and he had a sister named Holika.

 Hiranyakaship believed himself to be God. He said the same thing to his son Prahlada. But his son was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu and if he did not listen to this, Hiranyakashyap sentenced Prahlad to death. His sister had the boon of not burning with fire. He asked his sister to burn him and consume him from today. Holika's son Prahlada sat on his lap in a pyre made of wood. 

But by the grace of Lord Vishnu, son Prahlada survived and was burnt to death in Holika. " Thus good won over evil and from this day onwards Holi began to be celebrated every year. Holi festival is truly considered a symbol of Indian culture and the festival of Holi also shows unity in diversity.


1.Do not use Organic Colors on Holi. Ecofriendly stayed while playing Holi. So that there is no loss of any kind to nature.

2.Stay hydrated by drinking water before and after the celebration. Water prevents harmful chemicals from being absorbed into the skin and also helps to get rid of excess toxins.

3.Avoid using your fingers to eat to keep the colors of Holi from going into your system through food. The changing weather conditions during this time of the year can make you more susceptible to cold and coughs.

4.Avoid drinks and food that are too cold. Use lukewarm water instead. If you have asthma or are allergic to dust and pollen, avoid playing outside with dry colors

5.Use Natural Colors for child For children, try making colors at home using turmeric, marigold or herbal dyes, or buy herbal formulas. Use more shades of light red or pink, which look good and can be removed easily.

6.Avoid bright purple, green, yellow, and orange colors as they are more likely to contain harmful substances. Avoid using harsh soap to get rid of the color. Use shampoo followed by a mild soap for your skin and conditioner for your hair.

7.Avoid using kerosene, petrol, and spirit to remove the soil, as they will further dry the skin. The official drink of Holi, cannabis, when consumed in large quantities, can cause an increase in blood pressure and an increase in heart rate. Drink in moderation and avoid mixing it with alcohol. Immediately wash off the color of any organ that is experiencing burning or itching.

8.Use a soothing calamine lotion or aloe gel and avoid sunlight as it increases irritation. Respect our natural resources and avoid wasting too much water.

9.Avoid throwing water balloons from far away as they can injure someone. Respect all forms of life.

10.Avoid putting color on street animals and pets. This is extremely harmful to them and amounts to cruelty.

Holi tips for skin-

Apply a normal amount of moisturizing lotion or oil to your face, hands, feet and any exposed part of the skin. Use waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage. Rejuvenate and rejuvenate your skin after the festivities with lots of moisturizers or homemade face packs of Besan (Besan) and yogurt or cream (cream). An oil massage (coconut, olive or mustard oil), plenty of water and a good amount of rest should be in a hurry compared to the latter.

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Holi tips for eyes-

Protect your eyes with sunglasses and remove contact lenses before venturing out. If the color enters the eyes, immediately clean them by splashing water with cold water and take some time to rest by burning roses in the eyes.

Holi tips for clothes-

Your skin is your largest organ and it is important to protect it with synthetic dyes, which often contain lead oxide in black, mercury sulfide in red, aluminum bromide in silver, and copper sulphate in green. These can easily penetrate the skin causing various health problems. Therefore, wear clothes that can cover your body as much as possible.

Holi tips for ears-

During Holi play, colors of Holi should not be allowed to enter the ears and you can also use Ear Plugs or Cotton to prevent this. Tips for hair | Holi Tips for Hairs Due to the colors of Holi, hair can become brittle, curly and extremely dry. Massage with scalp and hair oil to protecting your hair from harmful chemicals, dirt, and dust. Wear a hat or cap before leaving to play Holi.

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