Thursday, October 13, 2022

DIABETES: Long-term complications in diabetic patients

Long-term complications in diabetic patients

Diabetes is a disease that lasts until death. If blood sugar is not under control then all kinds of complications increase day by day. And this complication leads to disability and later life becomes difficult to survive.

Diabetic patient's foot problem:.

Diabetes patient's feet! About 75% of the world's amputated legs are diabetics. This information shows the complexity of the legs of diabetic patients.

Due to the uncontrolled nature of diabetes for a long time, the blood vessels of the feet become blocked and the feeling power of the feet gradually decreases, and as a result, even if the feet are injured, they do not understand.

Having vascular blogs can lead to many major complications from minor injuries, such as leg injuries, amputation, and amputation.

Diabetic patient's eye problems
Long-term complications of the eye are seen due to high blood sugar. There are various problems inside the eye.

Less seen in the eyes
Wearing sunny eyes
Red eyes
Not visible to the naked eye
Pain in the eyes
Found spots in the eyes
Going blind
Kidney problems in diabetic patients
Every part of the human body is precious. In the urine, a protein called albumin is excreted so that the kidneys cannot excrete the body's waste.

Kidney failure is a complex problem for diabetics. 30 to 40 percent of diabetics suffer from kidney problems.

If a diabetic patient has swollen legs, weight gain day by day, anemia, high blood pressure, frequent drop in blood sugar without any reason, physical weakness, etc., he should be examined immediately with the advice of a doctor. Even if there is no problem, other tests including kidneys should be done every year.

Heart problems in diabetic patients
Diabetes is a symptom of all diseases. Diabetic patients have more heart problems than normal patients.

Heart attacks can recur and even increase the risk of death. So keep blood pressure at normal levels, control glucose and blood fats, quit smoking, keep weight normal, exercise.

Diabetic patient's blood vessel problems
When the blood flow to the brain stops and ruptures, it becomes a stroke. Stoke can cause numbness in various parts of the body such as hands, feet, waist, face, vision, etc. So keep blood pressure, diabetes under control, exercise.

Remember that your awareness depends on your well-being. There is no substitute for controlling diabetes. Regularly perform all tests to avoid long-term complications.


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