Saturday, October 15, 2022

3 new symptoms of coronavirus

3 new symptoms of coronavirus

 Coronavirus has been rampant worldwide for the past one year. The second phase of Corona has started. Like last year, the number of new cases of coronavirus is increasing.

In addition to fever-cold cough, there are several early symptoms of the corona. Added to this are a few more symptoms. Although common, these can be the initial symptoms of the corona, experts said.

A number of studies have shown that corona is a symptom of odor loss as well as hearing loss, red eyes, and gastric dimension problems in general. Some common problems may be new symptoms of corona infection.

Red or pink eyes: Chinese studies have shown that pink eyes or conjunctivitis can be a sign of ice covid-19 infection. As a result, the eyes become red and swollen and water may fall.

Studies have shown that people who are newly infected with the second stage of coronavirus; Several of them have redness in their eyes. Examination of the swabs of 12 people with red and swollen eyes showed that 11 of them were infected with Covid-19.

According to experts, coronavirus can also enter through the eyes. The virus enters the body through the eyes; They may have redness in their eyes. The virus then infects the lungs.

According to scientists, coronavirus enters the body through the ocular mucous membrane in the eye. However, more research is needed on whether the virus can affect vision.

Hearing loss may occur: Sudden hearing loss cannot be taken lightly at this time - experts say. Because sudden hearing loss can also be a symptom of a corona infection.

According to a study published last week in the International Journal of Audiology, coronavirus infections can cause hearing loss. There may be annoying whistling in the ears.

Tests have been found on many people infected with Covid-19. According to the survey, hearing loss was found in 7.8 percent of people with corona.

Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the most common gastric ulcer. Especially those who eat more junk food. However, it is wise not to think that this problem is common now. Coronary symptoms can be caused by gastric problems.

Studies have shown that diarrhea and vomiting can be symptoms of coronavirus infection. The symptoms have appeared in the body of many people affected by corona.

According to medical data, coronavirus affects the respiratory system. The virus also affects vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, intestines.

Therefore, if you are affected by corona, nausea, vomiting, digestive problems and diarrhea can be fatal. Therefore, these problems should not be taken lightly. If these long-term problems occur, you must seek medical attention.


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