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Clean the blackness of the neck and chest with a homemade natural cleanser.

Which woman or man likes to look beautiful but beauty does not just come from external things, you have to be healthy from the inside so that you can look beautiful. Your face may look beautiful, but the blackness on the neck and chest makes you look down. Many questions come to the mind of people about beauty, which we are answering to you through this article.

 Natural methods are considered best for enhancing beauty but it is very difficult to do them properly. It is easy to get beauty in the natural way, but while doing Google, all such options are revealed, which baffles the head of the people. If you too are tired of finding various natural remedies to make your face beautiful, then we are going to tell you a natural recipe through which you can clean your black neck.

Natural cleanser

Removing facial impurities from the natural cleanser is perfect because it has astringent properties that work deep into the skin. To make a natural cleanser, you will:


3 glasses of water

1 handful barley

5 drops of lemon oil.

                         How to prepare?

Put 3 cups of water and 1 handful of barley in a pot. Boil it on low heat and when it boils, remove it from the gas, filter and store it in a tight container. Add 5 drops of lemon oil to it and shake well before use. Use cotton or damp cloth while using around the neck.

Restorative tonic

This tonic helps to refresh your skin and maintain its strength by producing collagen and elastin. This is due to the abundance of antioxidant compounds found in it, which help cells to repair. For this you


3 leaves of salad.

3 tablespoons honey.

Juice of half a lemon.

              How to prepare?

Squeeze the lettuce leaves until its juice comes out and then prepare the mixture with honey and lemon juice. Apply this mixture around the neck and chest and leave for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wash it with clean water.

Aloe vera cream to remove wrinkles:

Aloe vera is a refreshing ingredient, which has been used in skin care for years. Its moisturizing and firming properties prevent people from aging prematurely. This wrinkle removal natural cream has the power to remove dead cells, honey and egg also help you. To make aloe vera cream you will need:


2 stalks of aloe vera.

1 tbsp honey

1 egg white.

Some fresh oregano.

             How to prepare?

Take out the aloe of the aloe vera and grind it in the grinder and grind until it becomes smooth and smooth. Apply it slowly like a thin layer around your neck and leave it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes wash it with clean water.

Make lotion with aloe vera

The lotion is very useful for removing impurities and firming. This natural lotion acts as a repairman's tonic in removing impurities, which helps cleanse the skin that has been polluted due to all-day activities. Ideally you should apply it in the morning or evening so that it can do its job properly.


1 cup chamomile tea.

100ml Rosewater.

2 drops of sandalwood oil.

           How to prepare?

Put two tablespoons of chamomile in a cup of warm water, allow it to dissolve and shake well after dissolving. In an airtight container, mix the tea with rose water and sandalwood oil and shake before use. Dip the cotton in lotion and gently rub it on the neck and chest. Doing this will clear the black neck and chest in a few days.

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Neck scrub

One of the most effective products for removing dead cells that accumulate on the skin is scrub and if it is not removed, it can cause the appearance of black spots. This natural recipe tightens and moisturizes and nourishes the skin. For this, you:


1 tbsp honey

2 almonds

half a teaspoon lemon juice.

           How to prepare?

Prepare the mixture with honey, almonds and finely ground lemon. To apply, clean the affected area and then use the mixture to perform the massage. This natural cleaner is perfect for removing impurities because it has astringent properties, which work deep into the skin.

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